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Sex Pillow

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

What are Sex Pillow?

Sex pillows are a kind of sex furniture. Sex furniture is designed to keep you comfortable during sex and allow you and your partner to focus on pleasure.Sex pillows bring a pleasant lying comfort to sex entertainment, allowing you to enjoy more fun in sex. Bring a better sex experience.

Sex Pillow


The foam used to make your favorite sex pillow is not the foam you find on a sofa or bed-no need to be afraid. High-density foam is used to produce wedge-shaped pillows, which can maintain the original shape and shape after repeated use. If you are worried that the semen and jets of multiple orgasms will destroy the foam, please choose a sex pillow with a waterproof pad and a waterproof cover.

Sex Pillow

Sex Pillow Positions

Sex Ramp: This is usually bigger than a sex wedge. It can lift the torso and lower body for deeper penetration. It also helps prevent back and spine strains. This pillow is very suitable for sex positions, such as missionary position, doggy style, reverse cowgirl, oral sex.

Sex wedge: The sex wedge is smaller than the ramp and supports certain parts of the body, such as the stomach, pelvis, and knees. Using a wedge to have sex means you never have to worry that your partner (or vibrator) will hit that spot the way you like. Sex wedges are great for oral sex, missionary positions, spoons, cowgirls, etc.

Sex mounts: sex toy mounts are used in single-player games. It has a sturdy high cushion and a flat base, which makes it a good sex pillow due to its stability. Most sex toy holders have an opening on the top surface into which you can firmly insert the toy of your choice. Enjoy the ride!

Sex Pillow

How to use

Maintenance and cleaning: The maintenance and cleaning of sex furniture cannot be overemphasized. After regular cleaning and maintenance of sex pillows, the risk of infection will be reduced. Most pillows have moisture-proof linings and waterproof covers-so all the liquids you date are trapped in the duvet cover.

Storage: Just wash the quilt, dry it, and keep the pillow away from the natural environment.

Pros and Cons of Sex Pillows

Sex pillows help prevent and relieve discomfort during sexual intercourse

They are suitable for people with limited mobility;

Easier to reach the clitoris and G-spot;

They help to improve height differences during sex;

They allow deeper penetration.

The sex pillow makes the oral sex of both parties more intense.

Even without a partner, the vibrating pillow can release sexual tension.

They must be cleaned after each use.

Sex Pillow

If your partner’s penis is small, or you have symptoms such as low back pain and knee pain, then a sex pillow is for you. In addition to increasing the intensity of each thrust, you can also stay comfortable-even in the most difficult positions. According to certified relationship coach Cassandra Henriquez, “pillows are paradise.” They can support all the right places and make your sexual experience more enjoyable. If you want to add fun to your bedroom, then sex pillows are definitely your first choice.