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Penis Sleeves

by Bestvibe on November 04,2021

A penis sleeve is similar to a strap-on, the difference being that this a cylinder type of toy that is put directly on the penis rather than putting it on a place where your penis should be.

A penis sleeve, or cock sleeve enhancer, is a sex toy used by men and enjoyed by their sexual partners. It is meant to increase the size of your penis artificially, both in length and girth. This way a male’s sexual partner can be satisfied with the ideal size that sometimes can’t be matched naturally.

Penis Sleeves

Types and Main Characteristics

1.Silicon penis sleeve – the most common material used that is meant to feel like real penis skin, with soft, veiny, and firm characteristics. It is also the most hygienic material when it comes to sex toys, and it’s easy to clean.

2.Rubber – if your partner likes rubber or latex toys, this might be your best choice. It usually comes with a ball sheath so you can fit all of your parts nicely.

3.With vibrating – these can be both advantageous for you as well as your partner. If you love having a vibrating sensation during sex, a penis sheath like this can be really fun.

4.Penis head sleeve – if you just want to increase the size of your penis head, these ones can be found too, and they are really easy to use.

5.Open ended penis sleeve – some men are blessed with length, but girth remains their issues. An open-ended version of the cock sheath can widen the diameter of your penis which a lot of women prefer.

Penis Sleeves

How to Use

1.Use light soap and water to clean the penis sleeve.

2.Clean it both before and after use thoroughly as to prevent bacteria from growing. 3.Clean the cock sheath carefully so you don’t break or damage it.

Some toys come with a cleaning kit so make sure you follow instruction on how to use it.

Penis Sleeves

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