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Mouth yoke

by Bestvibe on October 26,2021

The difference between a mouth yoke and a mouth gags is that the mouth gags is a ball, whlile Mouth yoke is a bit like a dog bone to bite. In sadomasochistic activities, only the battered person will wear the gag, and the abuser will not wear it. Wearing a gag is deprived of the right to speak, causing feelings of humiliation and helplessness.

Mouth yoke, also known as ring-shaped orifice, has a structure of a ring connected to both ends of an elastic band. Oral shackles can make the wearer's mouth open for a long time, and the abuser can force the penis or fake penis into the victim's mouth to force him to have oral sex.

Mouth yoke


1.Mouth yoke is used similarly to ball gags , but the ring may tip over in the mouth, losing its effect may also cause oral epidermal damage.

2.The practicability of a separate ring flail is not high, because it will be easy to get rid of it (you only need to push the iron ring hard with your tongue to make it fall over), but if it is only used for sadomasochistic purposes, it will be a good choice , Because the penis can be inserted into the mouth, greatly increasing the interest of sadomasochism. However, it is worth noting that because the mouth yoke restricts the movement of the lips, the oral sex performed while wearing the mouth yoke can only be performed by the tongue, and the pleasure of sucking will be difficult to achieve.