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Glans & Penis Head Rings

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

Glans & penis head rings boost and enhance your sexual experience when worn on your big guy during or before sex play.

Glans & penis head rings boost and enhance your sexual experience when worn on your big guy during or before sex play. It also makes you have a harder erection, which in turn allows you to last longer In bed. There are different types of penis rings.Compared to other flexible and/or soft versions, metal penis rings are more impressive and effective making them the best cock ring to use if you want to unlock or attain new levels of sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

Glans & Penis Head Rings

It is a sex toy made for males to enhance (stronger, longer in terms of penis length and long-lasting) erections. They are usually oval or round in shape and are positioned generally around the penis base during or before sex (keep in mind that we have other penis rings which go around the testicles or penis head instead of the usual penis base). Metal cock rings are made from metallic materials like stainless steel, iron, etc. Irrespective of the material it is made from, its major purpose is to hold or restrict the flow of blood in the penis area which makes your erection harder. They pleasure the user and also make the male last longer in bed.

How to Use

1.You should consult your doctor before use, to make sure it's safe for you since some health conditions do not support its use.

2. Always shave the hair around your penis (completely)to avoid hair snagging into the metal penis ring which can cause discomfort.

3. You should always apply enough lube to your penis before putting on or removing the ring. It helps to make movements safer.

4. Also be sure your penis is flaccid or at most, semi-erect before putting on the cock ring.

5.To avoid complications or issues, you should never wear it for more than 30 minutes at a stretch.

6.If you feel pain or discomfort, you should take it off immediately.

7.In case you're using it with a condom, make sure your metal cock ring doesn't have any sharp edges to prevent your condom from tearing.

8.After use, clean and dry well to avoid rusting. Store in a dry and cool place.Although there are various sizes and designs of metal cock rings available for you to boost or enhance your sexual experience, selecting the right size and design is important to achieve your sex-driven goal. Take note of the safety precautions to stay safe during use. Now that you know how to use a metal cock ring, you can add it your sex toy collections today and get a newer, better, and more steamy sexual experience.