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Water-Based Lubes

Water-based lubricating fluid is suitable for sex toys of any material. It can be directly dissolved in water without residue. It's a perfect choice for various sex positions, such as oral sex, vagina sex, masturbation, and so on.

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Bestvibe Linda Torso Love Baby Doll

  • 3 in 1 male masturbator with vagina, anus, and breasts
  • Built-in torso for changeable sexual positions
  • Triple sensations with breast sex, vagina sex, and anus sex
  • Extremely realistic details with pink nipples and juicy pussy for extra visual excitement
  • Soft and supple TPE material for the most lifelike experience

4.7 / 51 reviews


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Bestvibe Thrusting Rotating Vibrating Realistic Dildo 5.5in

  • 10 vibrating, 6 thrusting, and powerful rotating for a range of sensations
  • Experience lifelike sensations with realistic internal and external stimulation
  • Enjoy total operability and portability thanks to the unique handle design
  • Ultra-real details with raised veins and defined glans for maximum pleasure

4.9 / 81 reviews


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Bestvibe Water Based Personal Lubricant 240ml

  • Water-based lube is compatible with all sex toy materials
  • The long-lasting formula for hours of sexy pleasure
  • Fragrance-free with a pleasant, sweet taste for oral sex
  • Water-soluble so washes off easily when you're done
  • Suitable for all kinds of sex, full body massage, and sex toy lubrication

4.9 / 92 reviews


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Bestvibe Rose Suction Clitoral Stimulator

  • 7 Suction modes from tender to rude offer a range of delicious sensation
  • Not only can be used for sucking the clitoris but also the nipples, annul, and other sensitive points
  • Rose-like appearance is petite, exquisite, and discreet, it's the best gift for your lover
  • Magnetic rechargeable for much more convenient use
  • Fully waterproof encourages you to do some novel adventures

4.9 / 28 reviews


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Bestvibe Brown Teardrop boobs Realistic Maturbator 5kg

  • This love doll with brown skin is a great companion to address loneliness during the pandemic lockdown
  • Lifelike details with teardrop boobs, tight anus, and stretchy labia, and every inch of skin is realistic
  • Textured tunnels with particles and ribs for enhanced stimulations
  • Skin-friendly TPE material which does no harm to your health
  • Wash the product with soapy water or good quality cleaner

4.6 / 14 reviews


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S-HANDE 3 Pieces Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug Set

  • 3 different-size butt plugs suiting for any anus, are beginner-friendly
  • 9-frequency vibration modes stimulate your sensitive anus from gentle to rude
  • The remote control makes it possible for solo or couple game
  • The spiral design increases the friction to the inner of the anus
  • The horn base ensures the safety of the game, preventing drops into the body
  • Body-safe material can be used without any worry
  • USB charging is convenient and fast

5.0 / 7 reviews



Bestvibe Rainstorm Beads Massage P-spot 9 Vibrating Prostate Massager Anal Toy

  • The blackhead rotating beads massage and vibrate up and down to enjoy prostate stimulation perfectly.
  • 9-frequency strong vibration, three-turn thread design brings tingling pleasure to the perineum.
  • 4 in 1 stimulation experience, anal, perineal, prostate, and penis stimulation all at once.
  • 10-meter remote control distance makes it easier for single-player games or couple games.
  • IPX6 waterproof, unlock more fun in the water.

4.8 / 20 reviews


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Bestvibe Multifunction Clitoral Sucking Licking and G Spot Vibrator

  • Triple Stimulation: Combined sensations for utmost sexual satisfaction.
  • Clit Licking Tongue: Precise Stimulation, tease the clitoris with a lingering sensation.
  • Adjustable Shaft: To fit your unique body contour.
  • 10 Vibrating & 5 Flapping & 5 Sucking Patterns: From gentle caressing to strong pulsation.
  • High-Quality Material: Body-safe and extra-soft to touch.
  • IPX6 Waterproof Design: Easy clean-up, hassle-free.

5.0 / 31 reviews


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Bestvibe Cupid 3-IN-1 Heating Thrusting Vibration Realistic Dildo 7.8in

  • Super realistic with powerful functions, the cupid can be the best sex toy you can ever have
  • 3-in-1 with heating, thrusting, and vibration all together, you can combine your favourite modes together until you reach the climax
  • The finish makes it non-sticky, and the upturned shape is just right to stimulate your G-spot
  • Pronounced blush head with folded foreskin underneath maximized the friction with your sweet spots
  • Handy remote control for easier and more convenient operation

4.8 / 103 reviews


20% Off

SAUL Glans 3 -Thrusting & 12 -Vibrating Cock Rings Prostate Massager

  • 3 thrusts and 12 vibrations mode bring overwhelming mixed orgasms from gentle to wild.
  • Realistic glans and threaded shaft designed for precise prostate stimulation.
  • Stretchy and cushioned cock ring for enhanced erection strength and delayed ejaculation.
  • One button burst stimulates your sensitive perineum with the most intense vibrations for 10s to bring orgasm.
  • High-quality material and ergonomic design are skin-friendly and fit the private part.
  • Low noise, remote control, waterproof, rechargeable, bring you more possibilities.

5.0 / 109 reviews



What Is a Lubricant?

Lubricant, also known as lube, is a gel or liquid product designed to enhance comfort and pleasure during sexual activities. It provides a slippery and smooth surface to reduce friction during various sexual acts, such as intercourse, masturbation, or the use of sex toys.
What Does a Lubricant Do?
Lubricants serve several essential purposes: Reduced Discomfort: Lubricants reduce discomfort by minimizing friction and preventing irritation or soreness during sexual activities.
Enhanced Pleasure: They heighten sensitivity and pleasure by providing a slick surface, making sexual experiences more enjoyable.
Improved Smoothness: Lubricants offer a smooth glide, making penetration and movement more comfortable and natural.
Compatibility with Toys: Lubricants are compatible with a variety of sex toys, enhancing the overall experience and ease of use.
① How do I choose the right lubricant?
Choosing the right lubricant involves considering factors such as base ingredients (water, silicone, oil), intended use (anal, vaginal), and any allergies or sensitivities you may have. Water-based lubricants are versatile and safe for most, while silicone-based lubricants offer a longer-lasting glide.
②Can I use lubricants with condoms and sex toys?
Yes, most lubricants are compatible with both condoms and sex toys. It's important to check the product specifications to ensure compatibility and avoid potential damage to condoms or toys.
③ Are lubricants safe for sensitive skin?
Yes, many lubricants are designed for individuals with sensitive skin and are hypoallergenic. Opt for water-based or natural lubricants, and always test a small amount on your skin to check for any adverse reactions.
④How do I apply lubricant for the best experience?
Apply a small amount of lubricant to the desired area or directly onto the sex toy before use. Reapply as needed. Start with a modest amount and adjust to your preference for the most comfortable and pleasurable experience.
⑤How do I clean lubricant off my body and sheets?
Lubricants are easily cleaned with warm water and mild soap. To remove from sheets or fabrics, follow the washing instructions provided by the manufacturer.





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