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Bestvibe IPX7 Tongue Design 7 Sucking 7 Rotating Male Masturbator

  • Experience 3-in-1 Pleasure: Suction, Rotation, Licking for Ultimate Satisfaction!
  • Indulge in powerful suction for intense pleasure with our 7-frequency vacuum pump
  • Unlock the power of combined pleasure - 7-frequency rotation and tantalizing simulated tongue massage
  • Immerse in pleasure with IPX7 waterproof design for easy cleaning and fully satisfying water massages
  • Discover the power of our 3D soft sleeve, elevating your pleasure with genuine feelings

5.0 / 4 reviews


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Bestvibe Monica 4.0 Version 7 Vibrating 5 Rotating Thrusting Blowjob Masturbator

  • Experience customizable pleasure with 5-frequency rotation and expansion, reaching an extension of 1.18 in
  • Maximize pleasure by targeting a larger surface area of the penis shaft with 7-frequency vibration and dual bullet eggs
  • Customize your pleasure with a squeezable sensation, granting control over angles and pressure
  • Prevent discomfort during use with a rotational anti-blockage design, delivering a pleasurable experience
  • Experience intense stimulation with a granular-textured inner sleeve, enjoying a stimulating visual experience
  • Embrace versatility and easy maintenance with a detachable inner sleeve and USB pinhole charging

5.0 / 77 reviews


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Cupsland - 7 Sucking 10 Vibrating Deep Throat Compression and Titjob Wrapping Masturbator

  • 7 sucks and 10 vibrations, the strength and speed are combined, enjoy multiple pleasure experiences.
  • Large-grained TPE channel, thickened entrance, and bottom enjoy soft Titjob wrapping.
  • 7 vacuum suction pump, training, and pleasure 2-in-1 enjoy vaginal contraction and expansion and experience the rhythm of real sex.
  • Upgraded motor and sealed waterproof 2 vibrating eggs, more stable, stronger, and low noise.
  • Rounded and narrow handle, 1.34 lbs weight, controllable with one hand.
  • Magnetic assembly inner sleeve, easy to disassemble, clean, and assemble.

5.0 / 3 reviews


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Bestvibe Dual-ended 7 Vibration 5 Rotation & Expansion Handheld Blowjob Masturbator

  • Unleash pleasure with 5-frequency expansion, rotation, and 7-frequency vibration, stimulating every inch of your penis
  • Explore a rich tapestry of stimulation possibilities with the innovative blend of expandable, rotating inner sleeves, and vibrating bullet egg
  • Handle design for easy grip, allowing customization of stimulation and pressure for a highly controllable and pleasurable sexual experience
  • Experience uninterrupted pleasure with smooth frequency adjustments using an intuitive back & forth buttons
  • Unlock your desires with a dual-ended design that offers versatility for all sizes and visualizes self-pleasure
  • Embrace versatility and easy maintenance with a detachable inner sleeve and USB pinhole charging

5.0 / 17 reviews


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Bestvibe CLIMER Deep Throat Thrusting Vibrating Masturbation Cup

  • 100% fully wrapped with an airflow in the channel that sucks your penis and helps you enjoy a deep-throat-like pleasure effortlessly
  • One-click pause for edging or persistence training
  • Enjoy your favorite frequency and speed immediately under the smart memory function
  • One-touch-burst mode brings you the most powerful motivation
  • 10 frequency of vibration, 5 patterns of thrusting able to help you get what you want

4.8 / 106 reviews


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Bestvibe Hand-free Thrusting Male Masturbator Cup

  • Masturbation & penis training realized in 1, save your money
  • 10-pattern&10-speed rotation and thrusting modes, choose the best pace you prefer
  • Adjustable angle of 165°, enjoy various positions in various places
  • Added with hexagonal texture on the shell, non-slip, and easier to hold
  • Removable Sleeve, easy to clean

4.9 / 108 reviews


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Leten 10 Suctions 10 Vibrations with Sexy Female Moaning Bullet-style Halloween Cosplay Masturbator

  • 10 Suctions: automatic & manual 2-in-1, safer and more oral sex experiences.
  • 10 vibrations with 11,000 rpm high-speed and bullet vibrator precisely stimulate the glans detonating pleasure nerves.
  • Sexy women moan to satisfy your sexual fantasy with the goddess.
  • LCD screen easily controls her rhythm at a glance.
  • The thickened & soft TPE inner sleeve invites you to experience the tight and plump wrapping feeling like a virgin.
  • Small size can be controlled with one hand.

5.0 / 3 reviews


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Bestvibe Thrusting Rotation Masturbation Cup with Suction Base

  • 7 telescopic rotating and low 50 dB help you enjoy the thrill of thrusting never disturbing others.
  • Music function, she applauds you loudly as put your big dick into her.
  • 360° rotating wrap and soft 3D tunnel inner sleeve give you blowjob sucking.
  • High-elasticity vaginal channels can fully wrap your cock.
  • Suction cup design, control her or rape her in any pose.

4.8 / 103 reviews


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ClimaxCraft Dual-handle control One Click Orgasm Masturbator

  • 7 thrusting + 12 vibrations for ultimate satisfaction.
  • Dual-handle control for an intuitive experience.
  • One-touch climax mode for intense pleasure.
  • Transparent window for a view of your actions.
  • The realistic inner texture mimics the female anatomy.

5.0 / 2 reviews


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Bestvibe 7 Sucking 7 Vibrating Heating Male Masturbator

  • Recreate unbelievably realistic oral pleasure using 7 suction and 7 vibration modes
  • Submerge in the delight of lifelike warmth, reaching body temperature within 5 minutes
  • Pair seductive moans with rapid penetration, leading to an array of orgasmic sensations
  • Ignite your senses with our 3D tunnel inner sleeve, enhancing your pleasure experience
  • Effortless cleaning via detachable inner sleeve, plus discreet USB charging for on-the-go enjoyment

4.6 / 5 reviews


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Bestvibe Panther - Wearable 7 Thrusting & Vibrating Heating Vocable Multifunctional Masturbator

  • Get ready for the ultimate oral pleasure with 7 Thrusting & Vibrating & Heating function
  • Experience the ultimate pleasure with a one-click climax and built-in sexy voice setting
  • Enjoy hands-free pleasure with this Strap-on designed masturbation cup
  • Indulge in 60 minutes of pleasure anywhere with easy USB charging
  • Unleash pleasure in the bathroom with this worry-free IPX7 waterproof toy

5.0 / 4 reviews


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Bestvibe 5 in 1 Automatic Knob Adjusting Male Masturbator

  • Elevate your real sex encounters with our product's 10 rapid thrusting modes, delivering ultimate pleasure
  • Indulge in a more authentic and satisfying climax with our product's 4 powerful sucking modes
  • Embrace choice and variety with 10 stimulating vibration functions, offering endless options
  • Immerse yourself in the pleasure of realistic warmth, reaching body temperature in just 5 minutes
  • Experience hassle-free pleasure with USB quick charging & Super Soft Pocket Pussy

4.5 / 29 reviews


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Bestvibe LCD Stepless Adjusting Thrusting Vibrating Heating Male Masturbator

  • Take your pleasure into your own hands with 4 fantastic thrusting modes to choose from
  • Complete Pleasure: With 6 vibration modes, embrace a spectrum of satisfaction like never before
  • Embrace the coziness - our Heating Function brings warmth and passion to your evenings
  • Tailor your experience with stepless adjusting, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction
  • Stay fully informed and in control with our intuitive LCD screen

5.0 / 4 reviews


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Bestvibe Automatic 3 Frequency Thrusting Handheld Male Masturbator

  • 3 strong telescoping frequencies guarantee your dick a powerful deep rub.
  • Focused stimulation on the middle of the penis shaft is more intentional.
  • Adjustable position satisfies any part's hungry and thirst.
  • Enjoying passionate masturbation while activating your penis cavernous.
  • Open-ended tight design with grainy and strip bumps tickles your penis madly.
  • The retro hand-held design restores the most primitive and pure penis pleasure.

4.8 / 107 reviews


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Bestvibe Handheld Automatic 6 Frequency Thrusting Vibration Male Masturbator

  • Personalized sensations for different penis zones: Dual-head vibes, 6-frequency variation, and rolling bead delights
  • Climax control: Effortlessly pause and resume your pleasure journey with our intuitive one-click control
  • A design for all sizes: Embrace pleasure with the inclusive dual-head penetrating design
  • The power is in your hands: Achieve tailored pleasure with the handle's adjustable pressure
  • See what you feel: Transparent window for visual pleasure during penetration and masturbation
  • Prolong sleeve life: Dual-end dustproof caps keep your inner sleeve clean and durable

5.0 / 12 reviews


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Bestvibe Thunder 10 Vibrating Masturbation Cups and Pussy Pockets 2 in 1 APP Control

  • Elevate pleasure with 3 modes of sucking and vibrating for intensified stimulation at various frequencies
  • Delight in intense sensations as the 3D vaginal tunnel's bumpy pattern caresses and excites your penis
  • Prevent slipping and maintain a secure grip with the specially designed narrow and textured waist
  • Discover a tender and pleasurable experience as soft TPE gently squeezes and wraps around your penis
  • Prioritize uninterrupted pleasure with multiple charging methods that keep the fun going

4.8 / 100 reviews


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Cyclone - Automatic 5 Thrusting & Rotating for Penis Stimulation Masturbator Cup

  • Extra long 1.37in retractable distance up and down passionate sleeve jerking.
  • Intelligent 360° rotation all-around package massage.
  • One essential orgasm mode to enjoy high-speed sprinting, directly to the climax.
  • TPE simulation, soft skin touch.
  • Anti-skid handheld plate design, safe handheld security.


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Bestvibe LCD Sucking Thrusting Vibrating Male Masturbator

  • Provide visual feedback and personalized experience by LCD screen & targeted glans stimulation
  • Mimic astonishingly lifelike blow job sensations with 4 suction and 10 vibration & thrusting modes
  • Achieve a quick climax with sound speaker interaction and a unique one-click explosion function
  • Experience powerful pleasure with simultaneous, uninterrupted suction and vibration functions
  • Adds extra spice to your passionate penis pleasure with its 5.9-inch detachable tight fleshy channel
  • Easy to clean with a detachable inner sleeve and convenient USB charging for discreet travel&play

4.7 / 105 reviews


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Bestvibe Detachable Sucking Tongue Licking Male Masturbator Cup

  • The detachable design, stimulates the clitoris and penis at the same time, enjoying the pleasure of two people.
  • Red & black color with a transparent outer wall, observe the process of the glans being teased.
  • 7 tongue-licking modes and 4 frequency-sucking modes will take you to heaven.
  • Sexy lips frantically tease your glans, deep throat creampie blowjob orgasm.
  • Built-in stripes and bumps stimulate the granules and massage the penis in all directions.
  • Detachable design for thorough and hygienic cleaning.

4.5 / 4 reviews


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Bestvibe 7 Sucking & Vibrating Modes Busting Button Oral Sex Maturbation Cup

  • The plump thick sleeve wraps your cock tightly with crazy suction.
  • Sleeve shaped into 4 connected chambers with varying textures, creates an incredible penis-scratching and wrapping sense.
  • The transparent cup allows you to directly observe the process of penis enjoyment.
  • 7 kinds of vibrating-sucking modes, long press for non-stopping suction which brings violent orgasm.
  • Made of body-safe silicone, non-toxic, soft, and won't do harm to your skin.


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