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Nipple Toys

Bestvibe's range of nipple toys may satisfy your thrilling desire, including clamps, suckers, weights, and more. All of them are pretty simple yet works well, and easy-operate makes them very user-friendly and accommodating, which is the best toy for anyone, especially someone who is trying this out for the first time.

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Bestvibe Linda Torso Love Baby Doll

  • 3 in 1 male masturbator with vagina, anus, and breasts
  • Built-in torso for changeable sexual positions
  • Triple sensations with breast sex, vagina sex, and anus sex
  • Extremely realistic details with pink nipples and juicy pussy for extra visual excitement
  • Soft and supple TPE material for the most lifelike experience

4.7 / 51 reviews


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Bsetvibe 6-Frequency Spa Male Enhancement Water Penis Pump

  • Creative technology, train your penis with water, not by air
  • 6 water vortex modes bring 6 different spa experiences
  • 6 powerful suction modes meet all kinds of needs of your penis
  • Crystal blue case with precise ruler records the development of your member
  • A thick inner sleeve with texture holds the penis tightly and increases the true feelings
  • Double sealing cock ensures watertight and airtight

5.0 / 15 reviews


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Bestvibe Powerful Realistic 9 Thrusting Swing Vibrating Dildo 8.86 In

  • Ultra-realistic 8.86-inch vibrating dildo with 15M remote control satisfies your imagination.
  • 9 vibrating, 3 thrusting, and swing modes for a customizable experience.
  • Upgraded motor, enhanced frequency, running without lag, giving you a smooth and ultimate gaming experience.
  • Vivid head, textured shaft, and bulbous balls to play with for super-fulfilling lifelike pleasure.
  • Body-safe and non-toxic silicone design to guarantee safe insertion in your body.
  • Use a suction-cup base for strap-on play and hands-free adventures.

5.0 / 3 reviews


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Bestvibe LCD Sucking Thrusting Vibrating Male Masturbator

  • Provide visual feedback and personalized experience by LCD screen & targeted glans stimulation
  • Mimic astonishingly lifelike blow job sensations with 4 suction and 10 vibration & thrusting modes
  • Achieve a quick climax with sound speaker interaction and a unique one-click explosion function
  • Experience powerful pleasure with simultaneous, uninterrupted suction and vibration functions
  • Adds extra spice to your passionate penis pleasure with its 5.9-inch detachable tight fleshy channel
  • Easy to clean with a detachable inner sleeve and convenient USB charging for discreet travel&play

4.8 / 115 reviews



Bestvibe Monica 4.0 Version 7 Vibrating 5 Rotating Thrusting Blowjob Masturbator

  • Experience customizable pleasure with 5-frequency rotation and expansion, reaching an extension of 1.18 in
  • Maximize pleasure by targeting a larger surface area of the penis shaft with 7-frequency vibration and dual bullet eggs
  • Customize your pleasure with a squeezable sensation, granting control over angles and pressure
  • Prevent discomfort during use with a rotational anti-blockage design, delivering a pleasurable experience
  • Experience intense stimulation with a granular-textured inner sleeve, enjoying a stimulating visual experience
  • Embrace versatility and easy maintenance with a detachable inner sleeve and USB pinhole charging

5.0 / 87 reviews


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Bestvibe Dual-ended 7 Vibration 5 Rotation & Expansion Handheld Blowjob Masturbator

  • Unleash pleasure with 5-frequency expansion, rotation, and 7-frequency vibration, stimulating every inch of your penis
  • Explore a rich tapestry of stimulation possibilities with the innovative blend of expandable, rotating inner sleeves, and vibrating bullet egg
  • Handle design for easy grip, allowing customization of stimulation and pressure for a highly controllable and pleasurable sexual experience
  • Experience uninterrupted pleasure with smooth frequency adjustments using an intuitive back & forth buttons
  • Unlock your desires with a dual-ended design that offers versatility for all sizes and visualizes self-pleasure
  • Embrace versatility and easy maintenance with a detachable inner sleeve and USB pinhole charging

5.0 / 45 reviews


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Bestvibe Realistic Vibrating Butt with Dual Channel 5.5 LB

  • 3 Vibrations provide more intense pleasure when inserting and removing.
  • Dense particles stimulate several parts of the penis during insertion and removal.
  • Choose between vaginal and anal channels for more sexual positions to explore.
  • A sensual waist and curved buttocks offer excellent sexual experiences.

5.0 / 3 reviews


29% Off

Bestvibe Bluetooth App Control 9 Vibrating Thrusting Dual Ring Prostate Massager

  • Powerful thrusts and 9 vibrations mode bring overwhelming mixed orgasms from gentle to wild.
  • Realistic glans and threaded shaft designed for precise prostate stimulation.
  • Stretchy and cushioned cock ring for enhanced erection strength and delayed ejaculation.
  • High-quality material and ergonomic design are skin-friendly and fit the private part.
  • Low noise, remote control, waterproof, rechargeable, bring you more possibilities.

5.0 / 6 reviews


30% Off Video

Bestvibe Swallow It Realistic Mouth & Vagina Pocket Pussy

  • Two ways to use: performing oral sex and engaging in vaginal intercourse
  • Authentic replication of human body parts, enhancing the sensory experience
  • For a more thrilling experience, the addition of teeth in the mouth enhances the realism of oral sex
  • Handy and simple to carry around


10% Off

Bestvibe Starry Gaze 4 in 1 Dual Egg Vibrator Rotating Thrusting Suction Masturbator Cup Adult Sex Toys Men

4.8 / 26 reviews


37% Off

What are nipple toys?

Nipple toys, also referred to as nipple stimulators or nipple massagers, are intimate adult products designed to provide pleasurable stimulation and relaxation to the nipples and surrounding areas. These specialized toys are crafted with various materials, shapes, and features to enhance the sensual experiences of individuals and couples.
What do nipple toys do?
Nipple toys are designed to serve multiple purposes, including: Enhanced sensation: Nipple toys are created to heighten sensitivity and arousal in the nipple area, making intimate moments more enjoyable and satisfying. Relaxation and stress relief: They can also provide relaxation and stress relief through gentle massaging and stimulation of the nipples, promoting overall well-being. Exploration and self-discovery: Nipple toys empower individuals to explore and understand their bodies better, promoting self-confidence and body positivity. Spice up intimacy: These toys can be incorporated into couples' play to add excitement and variety to their intimate experiences.
①What are nipple toys used for?
Nipple toys are designed to provide stimulation and pleasure to the nipples, enhancing the overall sensory experience during intimate moments. They can be used for self-pleasure or to add excitement and variety to a couple's intimate play.
②Are nipple toys safe to use?
Yes, nipple toys are typically made from body-safe materials such as medical-grade silicone or other non-toxic materials. It's important to follow the provided usage instructions and clean them regularly to maintain hygiene.
③How do i choose the right nipple toy?
Selecting the right nipple toy depends on personal preferences and desired sensations. Consider factors such as material, texture, vibration patterns, and size. Start with a toy that matches your comfort level and gradually explore different options to find what suits you best.
④ Can nipple toys be used with other lubricants?
Yes, most nipple toys are compatible with water-based lubricants. Avoid using silicone-based lubricants with silicone toys, as this can potentially damage the material. Always check the product specifications for compatibility recommendations.
⑤How do i clean and maintain nipple toys?
To maintain hygiene, clean nipple toys before and after each use with mild soap and warm water, or a toy cleaner specifically designed for this purpose. Ensure they are completely dry before storage. Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
⑥Are nipple toys suitable for everyone?
Nipple toys are designed for adult use and are suitable for individuals looking to explore nipple stimulation and enhance their intimate experiences. It's important to use them responsibly and in line with your personal comfort and preferences.