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Which is the Best Masturbation Cup For Me?

Written by: Bestvibe Published on August 01,2023

 Choose the most suitable masturbation cup, and enjoy the most exciting sexual experience.

 What is a masturbation cup?

In more open-minded cultures, most people are very familiar with

masturbation cups

. The masturbation cup looks like a cup, and the inside is a masturbation device that simulates the structure of a woman's vagina, allowing males to twitch back and forth on their penis, enjoying the pleasure of thrusting just like sex. The masturbation cup can simulate the euphoria of penis insertion into the vagina, providing a more realistic feeling than bare hands.

According to different design styles, various types of masturbation cups have been developed on the market for consumers to choose and use. Masturbation cups have many kinds, and each pattern has its main characteristics. They also have different functions: vibrating, rotating, sucking, stretching, etc., and different textures inside the spiral, nail, concave-convex, etc. There are also complex and soft materials. Hard ones provide a more intense experience, while soft ones are gentler and prolong the pleasure of the session.

Which type should I pick?

The problem comes in when you look at the various kinds. Learn the most common types of masturbation cups, and then pick the best you want.

The first type is manual masturbators. Generally, they are operated by thrusting into the toy or sliding it up and down your shaft.

Manual masturbators tend to last longer - although some automatic masturbators use vibrating bullets that can be replaced. You don't have to worry about replacing or recharging batteries, which can be cheaper in the long run. They're often easier to deal with for guys who travel a lot and tend to be a little more compact. They also tend to have more variety in tunnel design - something which is very definitely a personal choice, but you may well find one masturbator works much better with a unique perfect channel.  

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Another one is automatic masturbators, which use the same technology used in vibrators or are designed to stimulate a blow job.

However, automatic masturbators can deliver a more intense sensation. And some are hands-free, which is much more like being with another person than masturbating alone with a lifeless toy. Some are devised to mimic a blow job, something you can't really do with a manual masturbator. Men who prefer automatic masturbators are generally attracted to the completely hands-free nature. A blowjob sex toy is also handy for couples if one partner is really uncomfortable with doing fellatio, and some are planned to work in conjunction with a person. As a note, the batteries tend to run out quickly on automatic masturbators - rechargeable is better than replaceable. Either way, you can expect a much higher level of stimulation and real hands-free action with automatic masturbators.  

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At last, no matter whether you choose which type of masturbation cup, it's essential to clean the masturbation toy. It can make the user safe and hygienic during use, but if you use a condom or a water-soluble lubricant at the same time, just wash it with water. Ordinary detergents may damage the material of the masturbation cup. Therefore, when cleaning the masturbation cup, be sure to clean it according to the instructions.  

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