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What is Realistic Butts

Written by: Bestvibe Published on October 18,2023

Realistic Butts is among Masturbation Cup products, offering various stimulation methods. Let's compare Realistic Butts and Masturbation Cup to decide the better option.

vganchou:Realistic Butts is among Masturbation Cup products, offering various stimulation methods

What is Realistic Butts?

The Realistic Butts is a popular male masturbation device crafted to replicate the human body in striking detail. Its array of functions, including massage, vibration, swinging, and sound, expertly stimulate sensitive areas. With a lifelike texture and intricate internal design, it closely emulates the real thing. When used without a condom, it delivers an experience akin to a genuine person's touch, earning it widespread acclaim.

How to use Realistic Butts

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Operating this product is a straightforward endeavor. Begin by meticulously disinfecting and purifying the device until it gleams with cleanliness. Following this, apply precisely the right dose of lubricant, and then embark on its insertion for your chosen purpose. It is worth noting that while it's highly recommended to incorporate condoms for a heightened and more satisfying experience, numerous men eschew this option, chasing after a surge of intense pleasure, albeit with a few mild consequences in tow. To clarify, should the condoms not align flawlessly, a faint yet perceptible pricking sensation may ensue. However, this passing discomfort can be swiftly alleviated through the judicious.

After employing Realistic Butts, the next step is crucial: disinfection. It's highly recommended to give it a thorough cleaning using a neutral lotion or shower gel to ensure it stays in prime condition. When you're thinking about where to stow it, make sure to place it far from any sources of ink, open flames, or excessive heat, and never consider tossing it away carelessly.

Is it better to use a Realistic Butts or a Masturbation Cup?

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When it comes to functionality, Masturbation Cup devices can be categorized into vibrating and manual options. Nevertheless, standard Masturbation Cup devices fall short of delivering enhanced realism and stimulation due to the constraints imposed by their soft rubber materials. They primarily focus on refining the internal structure, which happens to be more intricate than that of women's actual intimate anatomy. This two-dimensional structure is meticulously designed, featuring additional lines and protruding elements strategically placed according to men's sensitive areas, all intended to heighten the pleasure experienced when using Masturbation Cup devices.

The internal structure of the reverse mold introduces greater complexity, enhanced textural richness, and heightened tactile feedback. When a man engages with it, the thick, pliable material envelops the penis, resulting in a profoundly enveloping sensation. Furthermore, the deepened textural structure and protruding elements work in harmony to cradle and stimulate the penis, leading to a near-instantaneous sense of gratification.

The most prominent distinction between this renowned device and a standard Masturbation Cup unit lies in its authentic reproduction of women's intimate anatomy, encompassing details such as the folds of the labia, clitoral size, and proximity to the G-spot. In some instances, these advanced Realistic Butts even replicate the natural human body temperature of 37 degrees, further enhancing the overall comfort and authenticity of the experience, all with the ultimate aim of providing the most lifelike sensations possible.

How much does a Realistic Butts cost?

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Realistic Butts available on the market span a wide price range, from over £20 to as high as £2000. The more affordable options, priced above £20 each, tend to feature a relatively harder colloid material and exhibit rough craftsmanship, often serving as disposable items.

Conversely, although the £1000 Realistic Butts products come with a higher price tag, they are crafted from top-tier medical silicone, ensuring safety and non-toxicity. Both visually and in terms of user experience, they significantly outperform products priced at £20 or below.

Simulated molds, on the other hand, typically fall within the price bracket of £40 to £200, making them accessible to the average consumer. When making a purchase, it's advisable to opt for reputable retail outlets and exercise caution to avoid acquiring counterfeit or substandard products.

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