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Unleash Fun Side: Adult Toy Recommendations for Every Occasion

Written by: Bestvibe Published on April 11,2023

Are you tired of your mundane adult life and yearn to add some excitement? Then why not unleash your fun side with adult toys? Yes, you heard it right, toys are not just for kids anymore, they can add some much-needed spark to your sex life. So, whether you're single or in a relationship, here are some toy recommendations for every occasion:

Private car compartment   

Drive the private car to a relatively secluded place, roll down the window, and pull up the window shades. Due to the gear blocking the front seat, the space is narrow, making it difficult for passionate couples to perform. However, this kind of stimulating flirtation feeling can always bring real sexual climax during intimate moments. Considering the space issue, car bed couples generally prefer the female rider position. At this point, why not choose to use some sex toys to bring your partner to orgasm beforehand?

An Egg Vibrator  

Why do I recommend it?
Well, a funny thing you can find in the world of sex toys is an egg vibrator. It's a tiny little thing that looks like a... Well, like an egg. But don't try to cook it or eat it, unless you're into that sort of thing. Instead, you use it for some naughty fun. You can put it on your naughty bits, or let your partner put it there for you. And then you press a button, and it starts vibrating like crazy, making you feel all sorts of tingly sensations. It's like having a little sex robot in the palm of your hand, very convenient to use in the car! So if you're feeling egg-cited about spicing things up in the car, maybe an egg vibrator is just what you need!

Take a look at these products from Bestvibe

Recommendation index:  

Bestvibe APP Controlled Wearable Egg Vibrator



Multiple modes including 9-frequency vibration, music rhythmic vibration, body-shaking vibration, APP wireless remote control connects to the app for unlimited erotic options, vibrating with your partner. Trust me, you're going to love this exciting product.    

The next one is a G-spot vibrator

Recommendation index:  

Bestvibe Multifunction Clitoral Sucking Licking and G Spot Vibrator



The G-spot vibrator is designed to stimulate the G-spot, a highly sensitive area in the vagina that can bring intense sexual pleasure, and using it in the car will give you a more intense and prolonged orgasm. Anterior clitoral licking- Precise Stimulation, tease the clitoris with a lingering sensation. 

So why wait? With an unbeatable price and unmatched quality, these products are the perfect addition to your sex life.  

Couple's seat in the cinema

With explosive scenes from the blockbuster film as the background, the booming sound of explosions serves as the accompaniment to the lovers' intimacy. Moreover, with the high-volume Dolby surround sound, one can let out a cry. What a passionate and thrilling experience. Therefore, when the lights go out in the cinema and the movie starts to play, many couples can't resist the urge to get frisky in the dark. Right now, if you had a few sex toys, you would become even crazier.  

A Couple Vibrator

Why do I recommend it?
Using it in an environment like a movie theater can enhance Orgasms, allowing couples to experiment with different sensations and positions to find what works best for them and helping couples achieve more intense and prolonged orgasms, which can improve sexual satisfaction and boost overall well-being.

Look no further than this best Couple Vibrator - insertable design is great for adding clitoral and G-spot stimulation during penetrative sex and dual rings can be worn around the shaft and testicles for boosted sensation.   

Recommendation index:  

Cock Rings

A cock ring is a sex toy that is designed to be worn around the base of the penis, typically at the junction of the shaft and the scrotum. The primary purpose of a cock ring is to restrict blood flow out of the penis, which can help maintain an erection for a longer period. The ring can also enhance sexual pleasure for both partners by increasing sensitivity and creating a more intense sensation during intercourse.  

Recommendation index:  

Bestvibe Remote Control Vibrating Testicles Cock Ring



Don't miss out - order now and start experiencing explosive stimulation and satisfaction that will leave you breathless!    

Bar or transportation restroom  

Bars are one of the easiest places to trigger hormones. The only quiet place in the noise is usually the restroom. Bars, nightclubs, and vehicles generally have separate stalls equipped with washing facilities and large mirrors. They are convenient for stimulation and suitable for a quick sensory journey. As space is relatively independent, there are not many restrictions on how you dress.  

A Realistic Dildo

The following product is our best-selling dildo, most customers rave about it, and you will love it. 3-in-1 with heating, thrusting, and vibration all together, you can combine your favorite modes until you reach the climax.

Recommendation index:  

Bestvibe Cupid 3-IN-1 Heating Thrusting Vibration Realistic Dildo 7.8in



 A Masturbation Cup

Masturbation cups can provide a safe and healthy way to relieve stress and tension, which can have a positive impact on overall mental and emotional well-being. This is our best-selling product, with 5-speed rotation along with 10-frequency vibration to create on-demand sensation combos, 106 dense stimuli inside sending unbelievable sensations with each stroke. Use it in front of the mirror, and you will fall in love with it soon.

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Back seat of a double-decker night bus

The last bus of the night is often sparsely populated, and even fewer people are on the upper deck of a double-decker bus. Watching the city scenery pass by quickly, feeling the cool breeze blowing, the excitement mixed with guilt and fear, and every breath carrying a faint smell of fuel. If you use some anal toys, you will become stimulated.

A Prostate Massager

Stimulation of the prostate gland can produce intense and unique sensations that can enhance sexual pleasure, increase arousal, and lead to more powerful orgasms, Especially on such a cool and breezy night.

Explore 10 thrilling vibrations and 3 thrusting patterns and use the remote control to achieve your desired mode. Mute<50dB, don't worry about other people noticing you.

Recommendation index:  

Bestvibe Glans 10 Vibration 3 Thrusting Cock Ring Anal Dildo



The built-in spinning beads deliver double the stimulation, while the wing-shaped design with 4 unique textures ensures heightened pleasure. The larger size guarantees an intensely satisfying experience, crafted from body-safe silicone for worry-free enjoyment. Designed to be 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable, this toy provides versatility for use in any setting.  

Recommendation index:  

Take your pleasure to the next level with our remote-controlled toys, you can indulge in your deepest desires and enjoy orgasmic bliss with ease.        

Remember, adult toys are meant to be fun, and they can make your sex life more exciting than ever. Don't be shy to explore your desires, and always remember to have a good laugh. So, go ahead and unleash your fun side with these toy recommendations!   


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