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01 Unboxing | Meet Your Naughty Second Paramour

Written by: Bestvibe Published on July 26,2023

 Welcome to our Sex Master column.

In our latest exciting initiative from Bestvibe, we're embarking on a journey of unboxing reviews. Each month, we're treating our most loyal members to a free trial of our new products. We're after the most genuine feedback and innovative ways our customers use our products, based on their personal experiences.

For this edition, we're delving into the world of Sex Dolls. After a detailed selection process, we've brought on board two of our valued members (using nicknames for their privacy):
Hayde, a seasoned expert in the realm of self-pleasure, and Jayee, a lover of all things SM and outdoor fun.

Bestvibe Lady Madeline Life Size Realistic Pussy Ass Tits Sex Doll 8.5kg



We aim to compare and contrast their previous experiences with sex toys with their new encounter with sex dolls. With this in mind, we've shipped each of them a pair of unique sex dolls.
Now, let's uncover their feedback!  

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First impressions upon unboxing

As soon as Hayde laid his eyes on the product, he was instantly captivated by the ample bosom. “The size of them definitely grabbed my attention more than anything else. I spent a lot of time looking at them, touching them, and seeing how they jiggled and moved before I even so much as looked at the vaginal and anal.”

  ——Shot from Hayde who can't get enough of this inverted bookshop


Jayee, however, offered a more critical first impression, commenting on the product's condition straight out of the box. "The box arrived with a good weight which added to the anticipation whilst waiting for the postman to finish registering the package. Packaging was discreet. Travel had squashed the spine slightly but on straightening it out there was immediate satisfaction with the feel of the item. The structure keeps the waist firm enough to grab and soft enough to squeeze, though adjusting the pose was initially awkward I was quickly familiar with how much stress The toy could take, it does not feel at risk of breaking whilst being posed.”

——Jayee's shooting


The lifelike design of the sex doll stirs anticipation right from the moment it's expected to arrive. Upon unboxing, the realistic construction is awe-inspiring. The internal skeletal infrastructure ensures the durability of the generously-sized toy, allowing men to use it as they wish.

Bestvibe Fannie Supine 2 In 1 Realistic Butt



The user experience

Hayde elaborated on his experience: “The torso of this doll very much helps when using it, especially in the position that I found the most comfortable. Using it in missionary was very tricky, and I feel that the only way to do that would be using a waist-high desk or a table. ....Cowgirl was not a problem for me, since it meant I could easily control the motion of the product for my own pleasure, and I was also able to enjoy the big boobs that were bouncing and jiggling almost like real breasts.”

——The real picture from Hayde, you can also see the chest from the bottom up

Jayee shared his candid experience: "I started in missionary to get familiar with the feel and resistance of the toy, I quickly moved to spread her legs and get a deeper feeling. I didn't need to hold it in position, I could hands free fuck this toy easily lost in its feeling. I flipped it into doggy and was happy to see that you can angle the pose to suit you, better than that the feel and weight of it, the recoil after each thrust is delicious and is just made better if you grab its waist to go harder.


Bestvibe Jessica Life Size Realistic Masturbator



Both Hayde and Jayee recommended two favourite poses for the lifelike bust: Missionary and Doggy. The human-sized sex doll creates a sensation of "real interaction". She's more than ready to experiment in various settings with you, from the bedroom to the bathroom. She's happy to adapt to any position to satisfy you, just like a second paramour.

——Jayee's shooting


Recommended tips

Based on their hands-on experience with the toys, both Hayde and Jayee made the following suggestions:

1. You can dress up the sex 

doll in various outfits, depending on your preference. For those in SM, consider using restraints to enhance the experience.

2. If you decide not to opt for the built-in vibration function, a DIY option is possible, such as hiding a vibrator in the secondary orifice.

——Shot from Jayee, he's a really good sex artist!

3. Make sure to use enough lubrication. Especially if you're particularly well-endowed, lubrication can enhance penetration.

4. Given its larger size compared to a standard masturbatory cup or butt mould, it's recommended to keep the packaging for straightforward storage.

Lastly, we want to extend our deepest thanks for their candid feedback, which provided us with a wealth of insight. Bestvibe will continue to conduct similar activities, and we hope our readers will actively participate, lending us their priceless product evaluation experiences."


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