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Top 10 Male Masturbators for Your Summer Vacation

Written by: Bestvibe Published on June 28,2022

Watch out guys, the summer has arrived, are you ready to take a break away from daily routines and affairs? Well, it’s time to take a trip!

Of course, traveling alone may not be so exciting, but with the company of travel-friendly sex toys, you can really spice your holiday up!

This “Traveling With Sex Toys” series is to help you pick out some sex toys that can keep you company on your trip. So here are some recommended travel-friendly male masturbators that you can carry without causing additional problems.

Male Masturbators

For those grown-up men, male masturbators are not so new a topic. Days are gone when men just use their hands to please themselves. Now, there are so many types and choices when it comes to male masturbators.!


There are automatic masturbation cups with fancy exteriors and various functions, and there are also simple manual strokers that still need your hands to get satisfied.

Also, they can simulate different lady parts with their unique inner sleeves. Some can simulate the feeling of a blowjob and some are the imitation of a real vagina and butt. All in all, they are made to please your penis in all kinds of ways.

Why Traveling is A Good Time for Masturbation

Actually, anywhere and anytime can be the right time and place to masturbate. However, as shown by scientific reports, people can enjoy themselves better when they are on vacation.

Of course, holiday masturbation can not be compared with real holiday sex with your partner, but with your favorite sex toy you can still enjoy your own quality time.

When you are on holiday, you are in a totally new place, maybe a nice hotel room, or an exotic inn, everything is fresh and new, and both your body and your mind are in a relaxing state.

That’s when you want to do something, something exciting to make you feel that you are really alive. When you’re alone, masturbation is usually the best choice.

Holidays always mean relaxation and refreshment. When you are away from your daily work and routine, you are in a totally different state of mind. Sometimes a new sex toy can help put you in the real “holiday” mood.

Get some refreshment, not only for you but also for your penis.

4 Criteria of Travel-friendly Sex Toys


You don’t need the extra weight in your suitcase.


Noise is really a mood killer, you don’t need that on your holiday.


The limited suitcase room should be better used.

Relatively Cheap

Maybe you want to leave it behind after use on your holiday in case you spare some room and weight to carry local souvenirs.

Top 10 Travel-Friendly Male Masturbators on Bestvibe

NO.1 Bestvibe Upgrade Monica Rotating Vibrating Blowjob Masturbator

NO.2 Bestvibe 6 Rotation Male Masturbation Cup

Bestvibe 6 Rotation Male Masturbation Cup



NO.3 Bestvibe Monica 360° Rotating Blowjob Masturbator

Bestvibe Monica 360° Rotating Blowjob Masturbator



NO.4 Bestvibe Intelligence Heating Male Masturbation

NO.5 Bestvibe Flashlight Pink Pussy Manual Male Stroker

NO.6 Bestvibe Beer Bottle Manual Male Masturbator

NO.7 Bestvibe Double End Vagina Oral Sex Stroker

NO.8 Bestvibe Lifelike Pussy Entry Vibration Masturbation Cup

NO.9 Bestvibe Vacuum Suction 3-ring Folds Male Masturbation Stroker

NO.10 Bestvibe Double Layer Heating Clamp Suction Stroker


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