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Sex Position Sharing- Wheelbarrow

Written by: Bestvibe Published on March 20,2024

Hey, guys! Have you ever imagined what novel and intriguing sex positions await us to explore in the world of lovemaking? Sometimes, we need to push past our comfort zones to discover even more delightful surprises. Today, I'm excited to share with you a very special sexual position'Wheelbarrow'! Yes, you heard that right. This is definitely not a game for kids; it's an adult version of an intimate adventure! Are you ready? Let's challenge ourselves to reach new heights of lovemaking together!

Wheelbarrow sex position 


The 'Wheelbarrow' sex position - one partner stands with knees slightly bent and feet slightly apart. The other partner supports themselves with hands on the ground, arms straight, using their legs to hook around the waist or thighs of the standing partner. The standing partner then holds the waist of the other partner. This is the core of this sexual position! The standing partner undoubtedly becomes the leader of this sexual game, achieving deeper penetration and new pleasurable experiences through adjustments in angle and rhythm control. Seeing this, why not act now? 


The 'Wheelbarrow' sex position brings a sense of novelty and excitement to lovemaking, allowing both partners to experience pleasures and challenges different from traditional positions. Moreover, this position enables deeper penetration, leading to more intense sensations and pleasures for both partners. The close coordination between partners further enhances intimacy and emotional connection. So come on, try out this new position, and make your sex life more vibrant and colorful!

Add some toys:

To take your 'Wheelbarrow' sex position experience to the next level, why not try out some suitable adult toys? Such as couples vibrators, cock rings, sexy costumes, and more. Choose the toys that suit you best and let's explore new orgasms together!

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