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Sex Position Sharing - Riding

Written by: Bestvibe Published on July 31,2023

Today, we're going to do something different! Let's talk about an exhilarating sexual position - Riding. It's not from any ancient scriptures or ancient cave paintings. This is also definitely not some ancient ritual from a remote tribe, nor is it meant to catch the attention of archaeologists. It's a modern pleasure for us. Do you feel like our article is a bit "daring"? Don't be shy; allowing you and your partner to embark on a marvelous journey of consecutive climaxes!



In this sexual position, the partner on top takes on the dominant role and seizes control. As for the one below, you need to get into position! Lie comfortably on your back. Oh, just imagine it—your partner riding on top of you, leaning back and resting on their thighs, confidently taking the lead. The visual and psychological stimulation is simply irresistible!


Don't think that the Riding position is just an old routine—it's not! The partner on top can adjust their course according to their preferences, making the experience more diverse and exciting. You can try lifting from the knees to adopt a seated position, which provides greater stimulation to sensitive areas and allows for better control of the rhythm and movements. Combine up-and-down movements with forward and backward swaying, and you'll feel a completely different pleasure. Tell me, isn't this an enchanting performance?


Riding position is not just about satisfying one partner; it has advantages that lead to mutual benefits. One partner takes control of the rhythm, leading to better synchronization between both of you. Direct stimulation of sensitive areas allows for quicker and more intense orgasms. And don't forget, intimate communication is crucial! The face-to-face position enables emotional exchange through eye contact, allowing you to feel each other's heartbeat.

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