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Sex Position Sharing- Pretzel Dip

Written by: Bestvibe Published on February 29,2024

Have you ever pondered experimenting with novel positions in your sexual adventures? "Pretzel Dip" might just be the fresh experience you've been seeking! Like you, I've always believed that intimacy isn't just about physical closeness but also about the emotional connection we share with our partners. That's why exploring new ways to connect intimately can be exhilarating and deeply fulfilling. Keep reading as we unveil all the charms and delights of this sex position.

"Pretzel Dip" position 


Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty of the "Pretzel Dip" position. Imagine yourself reclining on your right side, your partner kneels, crossing over your right leg, and curls your left leg around his left side. Adjust your positions as needed, finding that sweet spot where pleasure and intimacy intertwine seamlessly. Don't forget to maintain that all-important eye contact, letting your silent communication heighten the intensity of the moment.


The "Pretzel Dip" position provides an ideal angle and opportunity for deep penetration of a doggy-style position, enhancing the sexual experience for both partners. Have you ever tried this position? Not only does this position offer physical pleasure, but it also allows for meaningful eye contact, deepening emotional connection. It's more convenient for your partner to easily stimulate your erogenous zones, increasing sexual pleasure and the possibility of reaching climax. 

Add some toys:

When trying the "Pretzel Dip" position, selecting appropriate sex toys can further enhance the sexual experience. A vibrating massager is a good option, allowing you to better enjoy the unique pleasures of this position. Additionally, using some water-based lubricant can reduce discomfort and make the experience smoother.

Best position-enhancing toys:

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