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Sex Position Sharing - Missionary

Written by: Bestvibe Published on July 31,2023

Welcome to our series on sexual position sharing! Missionary - it is a well-known and commonly used sex position. When it comes to Missionary, it is no stranger to us. But most people think it lacks challenge and is boring. Join us as we unveil the mysteries of Missionary. We can say without exaggeration it's definitely easy to achieve zero distance.



To gain a deeper grasp of the details of the sex position (with your partner), the two parties are facing each other, with the penetrating partner lying directly on top of the other. Whether the penetrating partner enters or not doesn't matter, only the two of you just stick together. Its aim is to create a zero distance between you, which will give you a sense of intimate sex touch. 


Using some small tricks, breaking people's impression of being immutable and routine, such as changing the position of your legs. This will affect the depth of penetration, adjusting to enrich the satisfaction of both parties. To put it another way, non-penetrative sex - this position is also very suitable. Both parties can also enjoy the sensory stimulation of private parts approaching each other and rubbing.


There's no question that this position allows for increased physical intimacy, eye contact, and a high level of flexibility in terms of ease of practice and adjustments. The top partner can see the whole picture of the lower partner's body at a glance, and try to touch and caress. Both partners are likely to experience sexual pleasure easily in this position. On a side note, it is well-suited for couples of various body types and abilities.

Add some toys:

A vibrating cock ring or a remote-controlled vibrator will be much recommended for Missionary. It can be an interesting play additive to help you maintain a longer-lasting erection. The vibrating mode can enhance pleasure for both partners and intensify the sensitive zones stimulation. Don't underestimate the unpredictable surprises they can bring you.

Best position-enhancing toys:


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