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Sex Master of the Week-Supercharge to Double Orgasms

Written by: Bestvibe Published on April 12,2023

Welcome to the Besivibe “Sex Master Recommendation” column of the week.

In this column, we will invite hot adult sex toy bloggers to give a review of our hot product and then give out an appropriate recommendation.

This time we invited the sex toy blogger who has her own sex toy review website “A Leap of Faith” to give an Authentic Comparative Review on our Top masturbation cup & hand us the tip on

How to Supercharge Double Orgasms?

Bestvibe Hand-free Thrusting Male Masturbator Cup



First, thank you for being with us on this sexy journey so far. We really appreciate you.
Now for the review...

First impressions out of the box.

They are all well packaged, in a simple plain box. Inside are foam inserts to hold the item still and safe. On taking it out of the box, it looks cool and feels slick, and the LED panels and shape and feel make them feel like the quality items that they are. 

About the Charge

They charged up pretty quickly & taking them apart to clean was simple because they were silicone. You really get the idea that they are properly SPOTLESS!

What about my FIRST try?

This is the one we tried first. I say we... Well, you get the idea. It was quite a tight fit and because of this, I used a LOT of lube with it. A lot of lube is never a bad thing though.
The first thing I noticed when I put SH's heroically still hard cock in it was that it took me out of the moment, to be honest, but then it wasn't me getting my cock sucked. 

It certainly did what it said on the very classy and discreet box.

It spun and thrust and there were some points in the trying of all the speeds and movements (and with the sheer variety of them I am comfortable in saying that there is likely to be something for everyone) his head went back and the shoulders slumped in the international body language for oh yeah, that's the spot. 

Then how to supercharge Double Orgasms?

The answer is plus with Anal toys together!

Bestvibe Cupid 3-IN-1 Heating Thrusting Vibration Realistic Dildo 7.8in



Then he spotted this big boy. Being as SH is a big boy, it is very rare that he cums from penetration and this was no exception.
Generally, he needed to give himself a helping hand, but he decided that the Cupid 3-IN-1 up his arse was the way to go. (Yes, this is the same one that was reviewed here, it seems to be a firm favorite, look out for my solo use review in the future).

Again, plenty of lube is required as it is about the same size as SH's cock (smug face) but I know my way around that bum and it wasn't long till it was vibrating up there. The thrusting (we went with the up and down shimmy as that seemed to be the one that was most anally pleasurable) was met with a shocked face then a massive grin. 

By this logic, it even superchargers to Triple Orgasm!

Just try them together with the bundle of Masturbation Cup & Cock Rings & Anal Toys.

The best-recommended Toy is the Prostate Toys with Cock Ring. That is perfect and saves a lot of trouble.

Bestvibe Glans 10 Vibration 3 Thrusting Cock Ring Anal Dildo



Make a summary

You might actually have a go at putting the strap on in there, and see how that is. It is going to be as hot as fuck. As well as use it on a playmate.

Because gone are the days when sex toys were something to do alone, in the dark, covered in moisturizer and shame. Now we celebrate our sexuality, and where we want to, we share it.

That way, we are all the clear winners.  


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