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Sex Master of the Week-Rattlesnake 3 IN 1

Written by: Bestvibe Published on July 27,2022

Welcome to the Besivibe “Sex Master Recommendation” column.

In this column, we will invite hot adult sex toy bloggers to give a review of our hot product and then give out an appropriate recommendation.

This time we invited the sex toy blogger who has her own sex toy review website “a leap of Faith” to give an authentic review on our hot-selling dildo Bestvibe Brown Rattlesnake 3 IN 1 Remote Control Dildo 8.7 Inch.

About the author

She calls herself “the barefoot sub”, she is a sub, a faithful fan of sex toys and also she is a mum, a friend, and a daughter. But most importantly, she is a writer. Here is what she introduced herself on her own website.

I set off on my blogging journey in January 2018 when I was given the task of creating a blog. It was to be a place for me to tell the story of how I became the woman I am today. Over the last few years, I have grown in confidence, with both my writing and my body. I have joined in with a selection of memes along the way, and have just launched one of my own. Mindful moments sum up my attitude to life. Go through the darkness and find the silver lining. There are many exciting (to me) adventures still to be shared on A Leap of Faith. My latest endeavour is to create content with others; find out more about that here.

About the product

Bestvibe Brown Rattlesnake 3 IN 1 Remote Control Dildo 8.7 Inch has been quite popular since its launch in April 2022. Its total length is 8.7 inches and the insertable length is 6.7 inches. Like all the high-end sex toys, it is made from liquid silicone so you can squeeze and stretch it with ease because the surface is really soft.

One of the biggest features of this Rattlesnake 3 IN 1 Dildo is its snake scale textures and its powerful functions. It has all the functions you can think about in a dildo: heating, vibration, and thrusting. Also, it’s remote control. The combination of 3 thrusting modes and 5 vibration frequencies allows you to explore your favorite mode that can fully satisfy you until you reach the climax.

The Rattlesnake 3 IN 1 Dildo has everything the other dildos have: a sturdy suction base to realize different sex positions, an upturned penis head that can directly stimulate your G-spot, and the ridges and bumps on the shaft to increase the thrilling sensation.

The Rattlesnake 3 IN 1 Dildo also has something that other dildos don’t have: the heating function within 5 seconds, the 0.8-inch thrusting length and 8.7-inch thick brown-black snake scale shaft, the remote control with the longest distance of 10 meters.

Something that should also be mentioned is that this Rattlesnake is uncircumcised;)

About the review

You can watch the full review of this Rattlesnake Dildo on the website “A Leap of Faith”. Here we selected some parts that might be useful for you to know whether this dildo is for you.

The Appearance

The shaft caught my eye on the website. It looked almost industrial, as bolted together as a silicone toy can appear! The nodules and ridges felt just as pronounced under my fingers as they had in my imagination. It was the texture on the balls which I was astonished by though. I love (!!!) testicles, and so for this unrealistic phallus to have such authentic goosebumps... I couldn’t prevent myself running the tip of my tongue over the surface just to check. Yup, it felt good to me!

The Thrusting

I was quite impressed with the thrusting. I’ve occasionally been left feeling nauseous, with the thrusting toys, but not this time. I loved the feel of the Rattlesnake as it massaged my inner muscles, and I wouldn’t be able to recreate that sensation with my hand. Great work BestVibe! The vibrations start with two different steady speeds, then three patterns. My personal favourite is the third thrust with the second vibration.

The Heating

The heating starts after a double press of the power button. I have never tried a heating device before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I found it to be hand hot. No warmer than I had been holding on to it tightly for a while. It didn’t enhance my experience, but the days have been hot. I’m looking forward to trying it out when the weather turns wintry.

The Actual Use


I enjoyed this very much! It felt so good that each time I got myself set up in this way, I would build orgasms at a lot of speed. Sometimes adding a plug, other times adding a wand. The latter was my favourite. To enjoy the stimulation on my internal clitoris, making everything swell erotically, then pressing the gently rumbling wand to the hood.... I’ve yet to experience a gushing orgasm with this toy (shape and firmness wise, I don’t think it matches my anatomy) however, the creamy orgasms which are a level of intensity just below gush are well met.


I used a condom for anal insertion, mostly due to the nooks and crannies. These scrubbed up well after vaginal play, but, well, I have no desire to cross contaminate myself and this is just easier afterwards. I found the thrusting very, very pleasant in my well lubed hole. As a fan of being railed back there, but also sporting arms just a little bit shorter than my slutty arse requires, finally finding a toy that can take care of itself in that department is a joy! The suction cup, again, is a bit of an issue. I just wish it were a little stronger and able to stand up to pulling out of my anus. But learning the angles helped, and I feel somewhat of a pro now.


Finally, I got the idea into my head that I wanted to try deep throat. First manually, then with just the thrust on. This is where the remote control comes into its own. I’m not sure that a vibrating, thrusting dildo would have been a wise idea. The head of this one has soft detailing. It really is the most lifelike feeling for entering my oesophagus. Well, of all the (seven or eight) toys I have used for this purpose, it ranks top. So, if deep-throating dildos is one of your kinks... I can highly recommend this one.

The Final Review

I would definitely suggest these three in one toy as an option for friends. For me, it strikes a great balance between affordability and function. As for quality, it has withstood some significant testing from me over the time since I received it. While longevity can’t be measured in a month, it’s showing no sign of wear and tear just yet. On the subject of friends, I showed LovelyL on a recent visit. Turning it on for her to see, she laughed hard to start with. In full flow it does look a little drunk. However, as soon as she wrapped her hand round it and felt the sensations it gave out, the laughter died and a low murmur of appreciation and curiosity took its place. While we didn’t review this one together, I have promised to return with it in the future. What I didn’t do was offer to leave it with her... Which probably tells you more about how much I like this one than the rest of these (almost) 2000 words.

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