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Sex Master of the Week- Handheld Rotating Masturbator

Written by: Bestvibe Published on November 23,2023

Welcome to the Bestvibe “Sex Master Recommendation” column.

Guys, look here. Bestvibe is delighted to once again invite David to review Handheld Rotating Masturbator. Hope that his blog can be genuinely helpful to you. Whether you are considering getting this testing male masturbator or opting for a different style, we believe you will understand the importance of choosing a toy that suits you through the content that follows.

About the author

David Blog

Allow us to introduce you to our featured blogger, David, or simply Dave as he prefers to be called. With over 8 years of experience in the realm of adult toy reviews, Dave has garnered a favorite by consistently providing candid and genuine user experiences. His blog has entered Kinkly Top 100 Sex Blogger Superhero’s list – an incredible achievement.

About the product

Handheld Rotating Masturbator

Experience for David 

David's blog provides a detailed introduction to the entire process of using a handheld rotating masturbator, from the initial impression to actual usage. The most memorable sentence for me is when he said, "I do think this might be better served as more of an edging tool." If you only need a toy for glans stimulation, it is certainly more suitable for you.

What disappoints him the most is that, due to the size limitations of the masturbator, if your penis size is larger than the internal channel dimensions, it seems to cause the rotating to pause, even getting stuck at times, preventing the attainment of climax.

At this point, we must remind you: before choosing the male masturbator, be sure to prioritize checking the dimensions on the product details page. Only by finding a suitable toy can you fully unleash the product's greater potential.

Inner sleeve size

Due to the need for powerful motors to drive functional products, electric masturbators inevitably face noise issues. David also mentioned that this handheld rotating masturbator also has noise issues - this serves as a valuable reminder. We have been actively working on improving our motors, hoping to address this issue as soon as possible.

Clean-up and Maintenance

Please remember: when cleaning, try to remove the inner sleeve from the masturbator device. Direct rinsing may lead to water damage to the equipment. Additionally, when inserting the inner sleeve into the device, ensure that the inner sleeve is dry.

Our customers say...

“I was hesitant at first but decided to pick this up. It s great works really well. Just wish it was a little bit quieter lol but over all solid purchases and would definitely recommend it.”
“It was super easy for me to use and easy to clean up afterwards. The design of the handle, I can grasp it enough, I can move the part that stimulates me by myself, never had the experience, it will run around on my penis by itself, I have to pay attention at all times, because there is no base, I worry about falling off Down. But other than that, I think anyone would love this product.”


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