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Sex Master of the Week-Detachable Vibrating Cup

Written by: Bestvibe Published on November 17,2022

Welcome to the Besivibe “Sex Master Recommendation” column.

In this column, we will invite hot adult sex toy bloggers or official sex toy review websites to give a review of our hot product and then give out an appropriate recommendation.

This time we invited the sex toy blogger Dave who has his own sex toy review website “THE BIG GAY REVIEW” to give an authentic review of our hot-selling masturbator cup Bestvibe Detachable Sucking Vibrating Masturbation Cup.

About the author

His name is David but he would prefer us to call him Dave. He is a happily married (well, Civil-partnered) gay man who resides somewhere in the south of the UK. Here is what he introduced himself on his own website.

I’ve been reviewing sex toys for over 8 years now, and I got my start reviewing for Lovehoney – a UK-based online adult retailer. I then decided it might be a good idea to collect those reviews on my own blog – a place where I can write a bit more freely about my experiences with toys. I never expected anyone would ever actually find the blog, or even read it. But people did find it, and people did read it. We made the Kinkly Top 100 Sex Blogger Superhero’s list – an incredible achievement considering we hadn’t even been around a year! We continue to make the list every year and back in 2018, we were voted the No.1 blog for/by men. All reviews are written 100% honestly.

About the product

Bestvibe Detachable Sucking Vibrating Masturbation Cup has been quite popular since its launch in April 2022. It has 4 vacuum suction & 10 strong vibrations to follow your pace. The unique internal dense particles and textures bring more stimulation, and super Strong Suction can drive you crazy. The inner sleeve is separable and super convenient to clean & deflate the button ensuring your safety.

First Impressions

From what I can see, BestVibe seems to specialise in selling basic white-label products; so these are items that are manufactured by a third party and then can be branded by anyone that wants to sell them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, in my opinion. White Labelling occurs in many industries, and if it allows consumers to purchase pleasure toys at a more affordable price – then I’m all here for it. It all comes down to quality. And my first impressions of this toy were very promising.

In Use

Much like a Flip Hole, the internal texture of this cup is a selection of bumps and lumps and nodules. There are two points of vibration: one near the entrance and one near the handle. They are located on opposite sides, allowing the vibrations to feel like they are all around you. As I’ve done with previous toys like this, I always like to test them out without all the other features; so with a good squirt of lube inside – I got comfortable and slipped inside. The internal canal feels quite spacious; in fact, it feels a little more accommodating than most Flip Holes – so I didn’t really get much of the texture until I had the sides of a good squeeze. The firmer material enhanced the sensation of all the lumps and bumps and the squeezing helped induce a good amount of suction. It didn’t take me too long to orgasm at all.

It’s a vibe...

The second time out, I wanted to just add in the vibrations; and I was pleasantly surprised. They aren’t the most powerful – but they are the most powerful compared to similar products we have tried recently. Their location inside the sleeve works perfectly, and the TPE material really does help those vibes get into all the nooks and crannies. There are 10 vibration modes in total – 3 speeds and then 7 patterns. This also led me to a pretty solid orgasm with barely any effort at all. At this point, I was starting to feel very hopeful – we’ve reviewed several items similar to this and they’ve all been a bit of a letdown. I was certain this was going to buck the trend.

Oh, it sucks...

Now it’s time to add suction to the mix, and this is where things get a little... frustrating. On the one hand, the suction was actually pretty good! It felt strong without feeling uncomfortable. It really gets a good grip on you! What I didn’t realise, is that on the handle – there is a little drainage hole – I have to admit to never seeing anything like this on other products (and I think I’ve just figured out why). Just as things started to get a little racy, The mood was shattered by what sounded like an incredibly wet fart. Like someone had taken a gamble and lost. I looked at my husband and he gave me the classic “it wasn’t me!! ” – and then I felt the handle get wet and slimy. Lo and behold, white creamy lube was being squirted out of this hole. It was sputtering out and making the most horrendous and unsexy noise. It then made the handle a little more tricky to hold and we had to call time on this session. Mainly because I was now laughing so hard.

Less is more?

As we gathered ourselves after our fit of giggles, we concluded that maybe, just maybe; we had used a tad too much lube (especially as we were both giving a good college try). So I resigned to try it again with a slightly more conservative amount of lube. And yes, it seems that it did seem to help a little. Although eventually, bits of lube (and other fluids you may deposit inside) might start getting squirted out of the side if you keep the suction on. Which is annoying because the suction is really good! And the reason it feels so good is that, unlike other models that have an enclosed sleeve outside of the suction (like in the SAM NEO or the Fleshy Pro), the suction happens direct and as it’s all open, that fluid is naturally going to get sucked up into the vacuum (hence why it needs the drainage hole). So as long as you're OK with the occasional fart noises and dribbles coming from your masturbators – you might be able to overlook this.

Clean-up & Maintenance

Credit where credit is due, whoever designed this has thought very carefully about how to clean and maintain a device like this. The sleeve part detaches from the handle and is waterproof, so you can open this up and give everything a good rinse out. As for the handle, when it does get a little excitable and squirty; you’ll just need to clean it with a barely damp cloth. You’ll also need to clean out the drainage hole. To do this, you’ll need to attach the supplied drainage tube into the hole; and then get a bowl of water and just dip the base of the handle into the water just enough to cover the vacuum port (being careful not to dip further than that) and then turn on the suction. It will pull up the water and shoot out any lube or other fluids that have built up. Then it can all be stored away in its snazzy storage bag until the next time.


This has been a surprisingly difficult one to summarise. Because on the one hand, I really liked it (as a vibrating and squeezable masturbator a la the Zero). The suction does indeed feel really good as well; it’s just so messy! Maybe I can learn to live without the suction and just enjoy it for the manual stroking/squeezing and vibrations? Because it still felt really nice. And it was cheap! Well, cheaper than most. If you’ve not bitten the bullet on a Flip Hole because of the price and/or are unsure of whether it’s right for you, then this could be a cheaper way of investigating.
The general build quality is good, and for the most part, it does its job well and with gusto! It certainly has me interested in trying out more of these types of masturbators – and BestVibe certainly carries a LOT of them (among other things). It’s not a perfect 10, but it’s definitely one of the better masturbators we’ve tried in recent weeks. OK, I admit the bar is quite low at this point... but hey, what can you do?


BestVibe Detachable Vibration & Suction Masturbation Cup


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