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Sex Master of the Week-Climer Masturbator

Written by: Bestvibe Published on September 05,2023

Join hands with expert sex toy reviewers. This time, Natalie from 'A LEAP OF FAITH' dives deep into our Bestvibe Masturbation Cup. Discover what she found!

Welcome to the Besivibe “Sex Master Recommendation” column

Within this column, we collaborate with influential adult toy bloggers and reputable sex toy review platforms to comprehensively assess our most sought-after products and offer valuable suggestions. This time, we've partnered with Natalie, an esteemed sex toy blogger renowned for her work on 'A LEAP OF FAITH.' She's conducted an in-depth evaluation of our top-performing item, the Bestvibe Thrusting Vibrating Masturbation Cup, and shared his honest findings 

About the author 

 She goes by the name Natalie. Let me introduce you to another facet of her life, one that goes beyond her roles as a mother, a submissive, a friend, and a daughter. It's the world of running, a newfound passion that she's wholeheartedly embraced. Despite not being the fastest, she proudly identifies as a runner. Running is her way of treasuring those 'ordinary' moments of solitude. Furthermore, writing holds a profound place in her life...      

I set off on my blogging journey in January 2018 when I was given the task of creating a blog. It was to be a place to tell the story of how I became the woman I am today. Over the last few years, I have grown in confidence, with both my writing and my body. I have joined in with a selection of memes along the way, and have just launched one of my own. Mindful moments sum up my attitude to life. Go through the darkness and find the silver lining. Many exciting (to me) adventures are still to be shared on A Leap of Faith. My latest endeavor is to create content with others; find out more about that here.

About the product

Not too long ago, Bestvibe reached out to me with an intriguing proposition: to review a product or two from their Masturbator Cup collection, with a focus on the Climer Deep Throat Masturbator. Now, I don't possess the necessary anatomy for this particular task, nor do I have the liberty to recruit a willing volunteer. However, I've got something even more exciting in-store – the dynamic duo of CC and the boy! Join us as we welcome back these two fabulous Kinksters, who have graciously agreed to put a multifunctional penis toy to the test, complete with its vibrating deepthroat action!

 Introducing the Climer masturbator from Bestvibe, a remarkable masturbator designed to replicate the sensations of a blowjob. With eager anticipation, I generously applied lubrication and activated this thrusting masturbator. As someone who revels in experimenting with fresh ways to tease and pleasure, especially when it comes to the boy's cock, using innovative toys like this can certainly heighten the experience. It's fortuitous that a friend often receives toys for honest reviews and is seeking a willing tester. Knowing the boy's inclination to be helpful, I readily volunteered his eager member as the subject of our exploration with this hands-free male masturbator. The Climer, with its pocket stroker design and powerful rotating features, promised an exceptional journey of pleasure and edging that we were both eager to embark upon.

An In-Depth Look at Pros and Cons

As I delved into the webpage for this automatic male masturbator, I gained a better understanding of its unique features and how they claimed to enhance pleasure:

  • One aspect that particularly piqued my interest was the promise of a one-click pause for edging or persistence training – an intriguing prospect, given that intense edging is a significant element of our dynamic, often leading to post-orgasmic play.
  • The prospect of a quick, seamless pause button appealed to me, as I've encountered instances with other toys where stopping required holding down the power button, a process that can feel like an eternity during the delicate art of edging.
  • Another enticing feature was the 100% fully wrapped design with airflow in the channel, promising a deep-throat-like pleasure, which the boy finds intensely gratifying.
  • Furthermore, the smart memory function offered immediate access to favored frequencies and speeds, while the one-touch-burst mode held the promise of powerful motivation.
  • With 10 frequencies of vibration and 5 thrusting patterns to explore, I wondered how effectively these could be managed with just three buttons. Once the toy was fully charged, I eagerly ventured into exploring the various patterns, using two fingers to gauge and feel the nuances of each within the masturbation sleeve.
  • A bit of a setback emerged as I delved into my experience with this male masturbation toy – it turned out to be rather noisy! The pump and the motor generated a noticeable amount of sound, which posed a challenge for my plans that weekend when we anticipated some alone time following a family event. Our room conveniently backed onto his parents' room, and in these moments, I usually take delight in not gagging him. It's a thrill to witness his attempts to stifle his gasps and moans, and the additional layer of psychological restraint adds an extra layer of excitement. However, the concern over the noise this toy might produce loomed large. Nevertheless, I've always believed in the adage, 'nothing ventured, nothing gained,' and was eager to explore its potential despite this unexpected hurdle.
In Use

Even though this toy primarily functions as a pocket pussy, it still holds great potential for edging and teasing. As soon as everyone had retired for the night, the boy and I nestled into our room.

  With the door securely closed and some '80s music playing softly in the background, I proceeded to restrain him with cuffs and my trusty travel-sized rope, setting the stage for an enjoyable evening. After gradually arousing him to a full erection through gentle stroking, I retrieved a small travel-sized bottle of lube and the male masturbator toy. I generously applied the lubricant to the toy, which, to my amusement, was molded to resemble a rather unrealistic set of human labia.

The boy's immediate reaction was a distinct groan of "oh god," a slip that earned him a playful slap, given that in our dynamic, we recognize no gods – only Goddesses, and that, of course, refers to me. Slowly guiding his rigid, erect cock into the toy's inviting opening and then pulling back, gradually increasing the depth, I discovered that it was working exceptionally well. The inner sleeve, combined with the lube, created a delightful suction effect, delivering a delicate sensation as it solidified along his foreskin and the textured nodules lining his shaft.

 Upon returning home, disassembling the Climer for cleaning proved to be a straightforward task. It entailed sliding the red button downward on the clear section, allowing for the effortless removal of the sleeve. Subsequently, I rinsed the sleeve with warm, soapy water, opting for antibacterial hand soap for added cleanliness. After a thorough rinse with plain water, I left it to air dry, ensuring it would be ready for future use in impeccable condition.


In my role as a Domme, I must admit that the Climer Masturbator left me rather unimpressed. Its cumbersome design, the bothersome noise it generated, and the transparent cover that seemed prone to slipping off all contributed to my frustration. While I recognize that a solo user might find some enjoyment in it, my own experience left me wanting more. Perhaps in the future, I'll revisit it, but for the time being, I can't endorse it. The Climer Deep Throat Thrusting, Vibrating Masturbator cup is available at a price of £46.89 on Bestvibe.co.uk. If this particular model doesn't align with your preferences, Bestvibe offers a diverse range of masturbators to explore. 


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