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Sex Master of the Week-Best Anal Dildos (Fall 2022)

Written by: Bestvibe Published on November 10,2022

Welcome to the Besivibe “Sex Master Recommendation” column.

In this column, we will invite hot adult sex toy bloggers to give a review of our hot product and then give out an appropriate recommendation.

This time we invited the sex toy review website “joynights.org” to give an authentic review of our hot-selling dildo Thrusting Vibrating Dildo with Rotation and Heating Sex Toys.

Bestvibe Upgrade Motor Thrusting Rotation Vibrating Dildo 5.9in



About the author

Simply put, they are a sex toy review website that provides anyone in need with unbiased, detailed reviews of the best sex toys on the market today.

Of course, you could also say they are joy detectors, as their website introduced:

A joy night. Night, full of pleasure and unforgettable sensations. Something you can’t wait for during your long, dull working day. We are the ones who make your regular nights full of joy. How? No, we don’t provide you with the love of your life (check out some dating sites for that). However, we can help you get all the rest that’s necessary for an incomparable intimate experience, no matter who your partner(s) is and if there’s one at all.

About the product

The Thrusting Vibrating Dildo has everything you need to enjoy a hands-free experience. It moves side to side as well as up and down, so it will target all the best places, including either your g-spot or your p-spot.

Those that want an even more realistic experience will love the heating mode. Simply turn the mode on and you will have your new favorite toy heat up to body temperature. This takes away that shocking feeling that too often comes with a cold sex toy.

Finally, the ridges and veins in this thrusting dildo are not only realistic but provide a bit of ribbing for an even more enhanced experience.

Please note: Using the lube for the best experience.

About the review

You can watch the full review of this Thrusting Dildo on the website “joynights.org” or our own website bestvibe.co.uk. Here we selected some parts that might be useful for you to know whether this dildo is for you.

The size

When shopping for the best anal dildos, make sure you consider their size, which on average is 7 inches in length and 1.5 inches in diameter.

Total length: 8.26in

Insertable length: 5.9 in

Girth: 1.8 in

It's the most comfortable size to go deeper, again and again, making you get pleasure little by little, and gradually the pleasure is spreading to your whole body till you get the pleasure of climax.

What are its best features?

It has four movements including rotation, vibration, heating, and telescopic; The dildo is very lifelike, including thick veins, a ribbed texture, and a smooth head; The suction cup is very stable and won’t move around while in use; Even when straight out of the box, there is no unpleasant odour.

What could be improved?

The buttons on the remote control are a little small and can be hard to press while you are occupied. The veins may be too ribbed if you’re most used to a smooth dildo.

The Verdict

The final score of Bestvibe Thrusting Dildo in this 10 Best Anal Dildos for the Most Sensuous Butt Play (Fall 2022) is 9.8 out of 10, ranked 3.

Our third pick is the Thrusting Dildo Vibrator with Rotation and Heating. Not only does it look incredibly realistic, but its thrusting and rotation action will reach all the right places. You can even warm it up for a more sensual experience.


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