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Sex Master of the Week- 4 IN 1 Prostate Massager

Written by: Bestvibe Published on August 31,2023

 Welcome to the Bestvibe “Sex Master Recommendation” column.

  In this column, we will invite hot adult sex toy bloggers or official sex toy review websites to give a review of our hot product and then give out an appropriate recommendation.

  In this review, we are excited to introduce a versatile sexual wellness product - the Bestvibe Glans 10 Vibration 3 Thrusting Cock Ring Anal Dildo. This product boasts a 4-in-1 functionality, combining features of a butt plug, a cock ring, a thruster, and a perineum stimulator. To provide an in-depth analysis of its performance, we enlisted the expertise of seasoned sex toy reviewer Kate, who put the product through its paces.

Bestvibe Glans 10 Vibration 3 Thrusting Cock Ring Anal Dildo




About the author

  Her name is Kate Sloan. She is a sex writer, podcaster, and speaker. She has a deep passion for exploring the realm of sexuality and believes in its potential to be holistic, transformative, goofy, and magical – themes that she frequently delves into in her writing.

  Kate has been actively maintaining her blog, GirlyJuice.net, since 2012, where she covers topics ranging from sex, kink, and relationships to fashion, beauty, and mental health.

  She has also taken on the role of an educator, offering classes on subjects like sex writing, vulvovaginal anatomy, productivity, and sex toys. Her expertise extends to her academic background as well, having earned a Bachelor of Journalism degree, with a minor in psychology, from Toronto Metropolitan University.


Reviewer's Experience:

  Kate had a lot of positive feedback regarding the appearance and material of the Bestvibe Glans 10. The soft silicone material, comfortable girth, satisfying weight, and pronounced head design made insertion and wear exceptionally comfortable. Even with ample water-based lube, the toy stayed securely in place during use, thanks to its rippled base and prominent head.

  During her experience, Kate noted that the unique design of the toy applied pleasant pressure and pleasure to her prostate even before activating the vibration function.


Outstanding Butt Plug Functionality: The Bestvibe Glans 10 excels as a butt plug. The soft silicone material, manageable girth, comfortable weight, and pronounced head design make insertion and wear a breeze.

Powerful Thrusting Action: This toy not only vibrates but also thrusts, providing users with a dual stimulation experience. The combination of vibration and thrusting adds depth to the overall pleasure.

Areas for Improvement:

Control Convenience: A potential area for improvement lies in the control buttons. Presently, users cannot independently control the vibration and thrusting functions; they are managed using the same button. Enhancing user experience by allowing separate control would be beneficial.

Overall Evaluation:

  In conclusion, the Bestvibe Glans 10 Vibration 3 Thrusting Cock Ring Anal Dildo impresses as a versatile sexual wellness product, offering users a diverse range of pleasurable experiences. The combination of butt plug functionality, thrusting action, and cock ring features caters to various desires. Despite some room for improvement, the product's advantages are undeniable. Whether experiencing each function individually or exploring the multi-functionality, the Bestvibe Glans 10 delivers satisfying sexual experiences. If you're seeking a multi-functional sexual wellness product, this option is worth considering.


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