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Realistic Butt Toys User Guide

Written by: Bestvibe Published on October 26,2023

What is a fake butt sex toy?

A fake butt sex toy is a male masturbation condom designed to simulate the look and feel of a real anus. Some realistic butt toys are compact, such as anal Fleshlights, while others are larger sex doll butts, modeled on the entire butt or lower body for a more immersive anal sex experience.

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Realistic butts often feature lifelike anal openings and ribbed, textured ducts that stimulate your penis with every thrust. They are also made of soft material to replicate the smoothness of real skin.

If you want an anal sex experience as close to the real thing as possible, a fake butt sex toy is for you.

How to use realistic butt toys

Now that you know the types of fake butt sex toys, you may be wondering how to use them to get the most out of your experience. No matter which real-ass ass masturbator you choose, we have some golden rules on how to improve your playtime:

1. Lubrication

Any realistic butt toy requires plenty of lube to ensure your parts slide in smoothly without friction or discomfort. However, the choice of lubricant is up to you - you don't necessarily need an anal lube. Water-based lube works well, but be wary of silicone lubes that are incompatible with silicone sex toys.

2. Bring heat

For a more realistic feel, you can warm up the anal Fleshlight by soaking the condom in warm water before play. You can also purchase a Fleshlight heating rod for a quicker fix.

3. Adjust position

Just like real anal sex, why not switch positions with a fake butt sex toy? You can use the anal Fleshlight while lying down or mounted missionary style. You can even take your toys to the shower for some wild and wet fun.

4. Used for foreplay

Finally, realistic butt toys are not just for masturbation. They're great to use with your partner to spice up foreplay. Whether you let your partner use it on you or create a fantasy and role-play scenario with a sex doll butt, there's plenty of fun to be had.


If you want to replicate the feeling of anal sex, a realistic butt masturbator will give you the tightest anal pleasure possible. These fake butt sex toys feature realistic skin textures that will give you the same pleasure as the real thing.

Want to learn more about the world of male sex toys? Choose one and come and play!

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