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Product Evaluation-Bestvibe Licking Stimulator

Written by: Bestvibe Published on October 26,2023

Greetings to the "Sex Master Recommendation" segment from Bestvibe.

Sucking Licking Stimulator

In today's feature, I'm excited to introduce you to an intriguing adult toy, Bestvibe Electric 7 Sucking Licking Stimulator. For this special review, we've collaborated with a blogger who will provide an in-depth evaluation based on their firsthand experience. Let's delve into their insights to determine if this licking vibrator is a worthwhile addition to your intimate collection.

About the author

The blogger is GRACE. She is an Australian sex toy reviewer, committed to providing candid, comprehensive assessments of body-safe pleasure products.

Her goal is to empower you, ensuring you make informed selections that harmonize with your individual preferences and body. While her main area of expertise centers on sex toys, she welcomes the opportunity to delve into the assessment of a diverse array of adult and feminine-style products. These may range from lingerie and lubricants to menstrual items and beyond. 

First Impressions

Bestvibe Stimulator

Upon unboxing the Bestvibe Licking Stimulator, she was immediately struck by the unique design of its suction nozzle, which revealed white plastic and an open structure. Activating it, she felt a secure pressure seal around her finger.

However, she noticed that the seven suction levels didn't offer much variety, and it soon became apparent that the suction and tongue functions were closely intertwined. Each time the tongue moved, the pink vibrator created a pronounced thudding sensation, resulting in unpredictable air pressure waves.

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About the product

7 Sucking Licking Stimulator

Product Description: The pink vibrator, also known as the "Bestvibe Electric 7 Sucking Licking Stimulator," offers versatile clitoral stimulation with separate nozzles for suction vibration and flicking. Its sleek design features a single-button interface and body-safe, silky-smooth silicone in a lovely pink hue. 

Packaging: The product arrived in an attractive box, listed as the "Octopi Pro" from S-HANDE. The box contained the Licking Stimulator, a display stand, a charging cord, and a concise instruction manual.

Charging: The Licking Stimulator is USB rechargeable, with a secure magnetic connection. Charging times are somewhat ambiguous but generally provide stable battery performance. Bestvibe suggests charging it before the first use.

Controls: The toy's single-button control raises concerns since it operates both suction vibration and flicking functions simultaneously. Holding the button for three seconds initiates the toy at its lowest settings, with further clicks increasing the speed. 

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Her Experience

 Electric 7 Sucking Licking

Her longing for uninterrupted stimulation initially led her to anticipate a preference for the suction or licking function. Surprisingly, the opposite turned out to be true. The flicking sensation proved effective but lacked the desired intensity, ultimately culminating in the climax.

However, as she transitioned to the suction side, her excitement waned due to the disappointing lack of intensity. Even with increased pressure, it failed to meet her expectations. The seven intensity levels offered minimal diversity, and the inconvenience of resetting to level one with excessive button presses further fueled her frustration.

While she ultimately reached a climax, the experience left much to be desired, leaving her yearning for the simplicity of the "nothing special" tongue side.

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Final Thoughts

Bestvibe Electric 7 Sucking Licking Stimulator

She found that the sucking and licking clitoral stimulator, while straightforward and user-friendly with its single-button design, had its share of drawbacks.

Despite its budget-friendly price tag of just $60 AUD / $40 USD, it fell short of delivering the expected sucking and licking stimulation, which might discourage those interested in air pressure wave toys.

While the flicking stimulation could be seen as its redeeming feature, she, not particularly enamored with it, might not be the best judge.

In comparison, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation offered exceptional performance, albeit at a slightly higher cost, making it a more appealing option in her eyes.

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