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New Dildos of The Month

Written by: Bestvibe Published on July 22,2022

Dildos are one of the greatest toys for women, single or not single. Women can have their own orgasms without worrying about pregnancy. Surely there are a lot of options out there to please ourselves. Vibrators, massagers, suction stimulators...... Well, one big category you surely won’t miss is dildo.

Dildos separate themselves from other female sex toys with their unique appearance: they all have the same shape as a penis. The only difference is how much they look like a penis and what kind of penis they are trying to look like.

So, how many kinds of dildos are there, and what kind of function do they have? Bestvibe today will give a simple version of instruction here.

Functions of Dildo

Traditionally the dildos only take the appearance of the penis. They are just an object that resembles a penis. But now, with time passed, dildos are more than just fake penis, they are more real than ever. Here are some common or not-so-common functions of dildos and why they are designed this way.


To increase the vagina stimulation


A new attempt to stimulate your G-spot in all angles


To simulate the real sex penetration movement

Beads Rotation

The in-built beads can rotate under the surface of the skin to increase the stimulation


To simulate the real-body temperature and come in more handy in winter use


New tricks have appeared in recent years to stimulate man’s ejaculation. Usually, there is a pump you can put lubricant in and when you come you can squeeze the pump and let “him” come with you.

Soft thick foreskin

Designed for women who like to give a handjob to their partner

Types of dildos

According to their appearance, we can divide dildos into these categories:

Realistic dildo

Veiny shaft, blushed head, textured balls, they look just like real penis.

Non-realistic dildos

They are less detailed and with fewer curves, sometimes they can also be divided into vibrators.

Fetish Dildo

The penis of animals or monsters, or the shape of other stuff like a foot or hand or tentacles

Giant Dildos

the king-size dildos with extraordinary sizes

According to their usage, we can categorize them as dildos, double-ended dildos, strap-on dildos, and dildo machines.

Material of Dildos

Previously, we used relatively hard materials like glass, stainless steel, and plastic to make dildos. Now as the technology is more mature, we also use safer and softer materials to manufacture these toys.

Silicone: skin-friendly, safe, comfortable to touch, and relatively expensive
PVC: cheap, relatively safe, not so soft
TPR/TPE: very soft and also cheap
Glass: transparent and nice to look at, hard
Metal: hard, can change the temperature

So no matter what kind of dildo you enjoy, you can find it on our website. These are the new dildos of July. Just pick up one and take it home, you won’t regret owning one.

Bestvibe Cupid 3-IN-1 Heating Thrusting Vibration Realistic Dildo 7.8in



Bestvibe Magic Lover Heating 8 Vibration Thrusting Dildo Machine 6.1in



Bestvibe Wavelet G-Spot Sensual Glass Dildo




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