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Monica 4.0 VS 3.0: Elevating Pleasure

Written by: Bestvibe Published on July 25,2023


When it comes to male masturbators, the Monica series has consistently delivered unparalleled pleasure experiences. With the latest addition to the family, Monica 4.0, the bar has been raised even higher. As an upgraded version of Monica 3.0, this male masturbator boasts enhanced features that promise to take solo pleasure to new heights. In this article, we will delve into the exciting advancements of Monica 4.0 and why it surpasses its predecessor in delivering ultimate satisfaction.


Enhanced Pleasure with Advanced Rotational and Vibrational Features:

Monica 4.0 brings customization to the forefront with its 5-frequency rotation and expansion capabilities. Now, users can experience an extension of up to 1.18 inches, providing a more fulfilling and immersive encounter. Combine this with the 7-frequency vibration and dual bullet eggs, and you have a versatile pleasure powerhouse that targets a larger surface area of the penis shaft. These advanced features offer a wide array of pleasurable sensations, allowing users to tailor their experience according to their desires.


Unparalleled Control with Squeezable Sensation:

A standout feature of Monica 4.0 is the squeezable sensation, granting users complete control over angles and pressure. This added level of versatility ensures a truly personalized experience that adapts to individual preferences. Users can adjust the tightness and grip of the masturbator to mimic the sensation that suits them best, making Monica 4.0 the ultimate choice for men seeking a tailor-made pleasure encounter.


Rotational Anti-Blockage Design for Comfortable Exploration:

Monica 4.0 addresses common discomfort issues during use with its rotational anti-blockage design. This thoughtful feature ensures smoother rotations and reduces the risk of any unpleasant sensations. As a result, users can explore and enjoy their solo play with peace of mind, knowing that Monica 4.0 prioritizes their comfort and pleasure.


Granular-Textured Inner Sleeve for Intense Stimulation:

Designed for maximum pleasure, Monica 4.0 features a granular-textured inner sleeve. This intricate texture heightens stimulation and creates an intense and satisfying experience with every stroke. Additionally, the stimulating visual experience adds to the excitement, making solo play with Monica 4.0 an unforgettable journey of pleasure.


Enhanced Versatility and Convenience:

Monica 4.0 maintains its predecessor's detachable inner sleeve and USB pinhole charging for easy maintenance and hassle-free power supply. This ensures a seamless user experience and facilitates effortless cleaning, making Monica 4.0 the epitome of user-friendly male masturbators.


Bestvibe Monica 4.0 Version 7 Vibrating 5 Rotating Thrusting Blowjob Masturbator




What makes Monica 4.0 an upgraded version of Monica 3.0?

Monica 4.0 is an enhanced version of Monica 3.0, offering advanced features for a more personalized pleasure experience. It boasts 5-frequency rotation with an extension of up to 1.18 inches, along with 7-frequency vibration and dual bullet eggs, targeting a larger surface area of the penis shaft. The squeezable sensation and rotational anti-blockage design further contribute to its upgraded status, ensuring heightened pleasure and comfort during use.


Can Monica 4.0 be used in the shower or bathtub?

Monica 4.0 is water-resistant with an IPX5 rating, offering protection against splashes. However, it is not fully waterproof, so we recommend avoiding full immersion in water. This feature allows for easy cleaning but restricts usage to dry conditions.


How do I charge Monica 4.0?

Charging Monica 4.0 is simple and convenient. Use the included USB pinhole charging cable to connect to a compatible power source. The charging time is approximately 150 minutes, providing up to 50 minutes of runtime for extended pleasure sessions.


Is Monica 4.0 discreet during use?

Absolutely! Monica 4.0 operates quietly, emitting a sound level of less than 60 dB. This ensures a discreet experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your intimate moments without any distractions.


Can I use Monica 4.0 with a partner?

While Monica 4.0 is primarily designed for solo play, it can certainly be incorporated into your intimate moments with a partner. Its customizable features, such as the squeezable sensation and rotational anti-blockage design, add excitement and versatility to shared experiences. Communication with your partner is key to ensure both of your desires are met.


How do I clean Monica 4.0?

Proper cleaning is essential for maintaining hygiene and prolonging the life of your toy. Monica 4.0 has a detachable inner sleeve, allowing for easy cleaning. Remove the sleeve and wash it with warm water and mild soap. You can also use a sex toy cleaner for added convenience. Ensure it is thoroughly dry before reassembling for future use.



With its advanced rotational and vibrational features, squeezable sensation, anti-blockage design, and granular-textured inner sleeve, Monica 4.0 undoubtedly outperforms its predecessor, Monica 3.0. The enhanced capabilities of Monica 4.0 offer users unparalleled pleasure and customization, making solo play an indulgent and personalized experience. If you seek the ultimate male masturbator that elevates pleasure to new heights, Monica 4.0 is the clear choice. Embrace the power of customization and control with Monica 4.0 and unlock a world of intense and unforgettable solo pleasure.


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