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Masturbator Bliss – A Bestvibe Assessment

Written by: Bestvibe Published on February 18,2024

 Welcome to the Besivibe “Sex Master Recommendation” column

Within this column, we collaborate with influential adult toy bloggers and reputable sex toy review platforms to provide comprehensive assessments of our most sought-after products and offer valuable suggestions.

This time, we've partnered with Natalie, an esteemed sex toy blogger renowned for her work on 'A LEAP OF FAITH.' She's conducted an in-depth evaluation of our top-performing item, the pocket stroker, and shared her honest findings.

About the author

She set off on her blogging journey in January 2018 when she was given the task of creating a blog. She has joined in with a selection of memes along the way and has just launched one of her own. Mindful moments sum up her attitude to life – to go through the darkness and find the silver lining. There are many exciting (to her) adventures still to be shared on A Leap of Faith. 

About the product

A couple of months ago, she checked out Bestvibe's panty vibrator, and we recently sent her something new to try – a Christmas-themed portable heating vibrating male masturbator with anal beads.

Picture this: the package arrived discreetly, and inside the black box were anal beads, a charging cable, an instruction manual, and the anal masturbator – all snug in foam for safe delivery. Now, diving into this unique toy – it's a TPE cup with a warming feature and anal beads.

The pocket stroker is 13 cm long and 2.5 cm in diameter, providing a snug fit even for her middle finger. And yes, it bounced back to its original size after some 'testing.'

Charging the beads and heating element is a quick thirty minutes, delivering thirty minutes of vibrating pleasure. The anal masturbator heats up in just three to four minutes, ensuring a toasty experience.

The anal beads, twenty-six centimeters in total, offer three intensities and six patterns. They're easy to insert, with a finger loop for security and flexibility for comfort. It can be used as a scarf for the toy or fashion a tight, vibrating pocket pussy for added playfulness.

In Use

While she couldn't provide a full review without the necessary equipment, her good friend Alice happily stepped in.

Here are his thoughts:  

I’m told that the textures stimulate gently and feel good when lubed up and stroked along the shaft. It was also noted that Alice particularly enjoyed the feel as he pulled it off.

Alice found the power button for the beads a little tricky to start with, but soon got to grips with it. The three increasing intensities felt good, but some of the patterns were distracting. The vibrations traveled well through the TPE body of the stroker, adding a little extra to his experience.

Tightening the loop of beads and unlooping them entirely was a bit fiddly to start with, but once he had the knack, Alice had no problems. The beads did charge up in half an hour and lasted just over that on high-intensity vibrations. The heating rod was also quick to work, giving the sleeve a cozy, comfortable feel.


● Texture and Sensation: Users report that the textures of the masturbation cup provide a gentle and pleasurable sensation, especially when lubricated and stroked along the shaft.

● Adjustable Intensity: The stroker comes with three increasing intensities for vibrations, providing users with options to customize their experience.

● Beads for Additional Stimulation: The inclusion of beads adds an extra layer of stimulation, and users can loop and unloop them to vary the experience.

● Quick Charging and Lasting Power: The beads reportedly charge up in half an hour and last just over that on high-intensity vibrations. This can be considered a pro for those looking for a relatively quick charging time and decent usage duration.

● Heating Rod: The heating rod provides a cozy and comfortable feel to the sleeve, enhancing the overall experience.

● Versatility for Partnered Play: The design suggests the potential for partnered play, with the option of incorporating the Joy Snowman into vaginal use. This can be seen as a pro for those interested in exploring various forms of intimacy.


● Tricky Power Button: Some users may find the power button for the beads a little tricky to start with, which could be a drawback for those who prefer more straightforward controls.

● Distracting Patterns: While the increasing intensities are appreciated, some users find certain vibration patterns distracting. This could be a con for those who prefer simplicity in their stimulation.

● Fiddly Bead Adjustment: Adjusting the loop of beads can be fiddly initially, requiring some time to get used to the process.

● Cleaning Challenges: Cleaning the TPE masturbation cup may be considered a chore, as the material cannot be 100% sanitized. Users must follow specific cleaning procedures, including using warm soapy water, an antibacterial toy cleaner, and potentially dusting with cornflour.

● Limited Sterilization of Cup: Due to the TPE material, it's not possible to completely sanitize the cup. Users are advised not to share unless they are using condoms or are fluid-bonded.

● Uncertain Bead Waterproofing: Although described as 100% waterproof, the user suggests caution with submerging the beads, indicating they may be more resistant to gushing or jetting than fully submersible. Dishwasher use is discouraged.

● Fantasy vs. Reality: The intended use for partnered play may not be practical or as effective as initially envisioned, representing a potential gap between fantasy and real-world application.


Well, it's pretty clear to her that at least one of them should consider grabbing this masturbator. She wants them to share the juicy details of how her fantasy of a masturbation cup holder played out for them.

But aside from that, what's her take? They know her – she's a fan of products that serve multiple purposes. This masturbation sleeve offers versatility not just from a flexible anal beads perspective. They can use the sleeve hot or cold, with or without the beads wrapped around. They can adjust the beads to be tight or loose, depending on their girth, and use them independently of the pocket stroker


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