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Introducing the Ultimate automatic male masturbator with Phone Holder

Written by: Bestvibe Published on February 19,2024

Elevate solo pleasure with our 10 Thrusting High-speed Motor Male Masturbator with Phone Holder for an unforgettable adventure!


● Powerful Motor: Offers varying speeds for different intensity levels.
● Precision Stimulation: High-frequency piston action provides targeted pleasure.
● Innovative Design: Interchangeable handles and phone holders enhance user experience.
● High-Quality Materials: Ensures comfort and durability.
● Customizable Experience: Offers a wide range of settings for personalized pleasure.


● High-Speed Motor with Three Speeds: The automatic male masturbator offers versatility with three different speed settings, catering to various preferences and levels of intensity.
● Extended Piston Travel: With a piston travel of up to 12 cm, users can customize their experience by adjusting the depth of penetration, providing both deep and shallow pleasure.
● Ultra High-Frequency Pinpoint Stimulation: The high-frequency piston action provides precise and targeted stimulation, enhancing the overall experience for users.
● Innovative Design with Interchangeable Handles: The gun rack design with interchangeable handles offers users control in different positions, allowing for comfortable and ergonomic use.
● Built-In Phone Holder: The inclusion of a phone holder on the automatic male masturbator allows users to enjoy visual stimulation while using the product, adding an extra dimension to the experience.
● High-Tech Material: Crafted from high-tech materials, the masturbator offers a soft and bouncy feel, enhancing comfort during use.
● Fully Automatic with 72 Skills: This blowjob masturbator's automatic function with 72 customizable skills, including frequency, speed, and inner sleeve position, provides users with a wide range of options to explore and enjoy.


● Complexity: The masturbator toy may be too complex for some users who prefer simpler devices without as many customizable features.
● Price: Given its advanced features and technology, it may come with a higher price point compared to simpler masturbators on the market.
● Maintenance: The intricate design and multiple features may require more extensive maintenance and cleaning compared to basic masturbators.

Why Choose it:

Compared to other thrusting male masturbators in the market, this masturbator stands out for its advanced functionality, including a high-speed motor with three speeds, ultra-high-frequency stimulation, and 72 customizable skills.

While it may come at a premium price, its innovative design, including interchangeable handles and a built-in phone holder, offers added convenience and a more personalized experience.

Despite potential higher maintenance requirements, the masturbator's enhanced features and quality construction provide excellent value for consumers seeking a top-tier masturbator.


Ready to embark on a journey of unparalleled pleasure? Look no further than our revolutionary male masturbator. With its powerful motor, precision stimulation, and innovative design features, it's sure to become your new favorite companion. Don't hesitate – order yours now and experience pleasure like never before!

LETEN 10 Thrusting High-speed Motor Masturbator Cup with Phone Holder




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