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How to Use Love Eggs

Written by: Bestvibe Published on August 24,2023


Sex toys, as a part of modern life, add new fun and innovation to married life. Among them, Tiaodan, as a popular vibration massage appliance, brings a unique experience to couples.
If you're looking for a sex toy that gives you a range of different options in the bedroom (or out), the Bestvibe Love Egg might be the right choice for you.
This article will describe in detail how to use Vibrator from different angles, so that you can better grasp how to use this sex toy in joy.

But what is a love egg and how do they work? Our guide to these little happy eggs will tell you everything you need to know.

What is a love egg?

Love eggs, much like shaker balls (also known as Kegel balls or toner balls), are designed to be inserted into the vagina for sexual stimulation. So, what does the shake ball do? The shaker ball is designed more for exercising and toning the pelvic floor muscles, while the love egg is designed for pleasure. You'll also find that love eggs usually consist of a single egg with a separate remote control, while jiggly balls are usually two weighted balls joined together.

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What is a Vibrating Love Egg and How Does It Work?

So, how do love eggs work? The vibrations are where the true magic of the love egg really comes into play. Once you've plugged in the remote love egg, just reach for the remote and turn on the vibration to enjoy a whole new world of fun. When the vibrating love egg is inserted, you will find the nerve endings around the vaginal walls and G-spot stimulated and the intense sensation will drive you crazy.

How to use love eggs

1. Preliminary preparation:
As with any sex toy, you need to warm yourself up before using an egg vibrator to its full potential. Try using them externally first, get yourself a little wet, and choose a water-based lubricant that matches the material of the vibrator to ensure comfort during use. What's more, getting yourself into the mood first will help fire up the nerve endings and prepare things for the joy to come, making things more intense.
2. Correct insertion method:
When using a vibrating egg, the correct insertion method is crucial, not only affecting the comfort, but also the quality of the experience:
Position selection:
Choosing a comfortable position will help you insert the vibrating egg more easily.
Lubrication: Apply an appropriate amount of lubricant to the part where the vibrating egg is in contact with the body to reduce discomfort.
Slow Insertion: Insert the vibrating egg slowly and gently, avoiding too fast or too hard.
3. Vibration intensity and mode adjustment:
Vibrating eggs usually have a variety of vibration intensities and modes, which you can adjust according to your personal preference:
Explore different modes:Vibrating eggs may have multiple modes such as pulse and continuous vibration. By trying different modes, you can find the one that suits you best.
Gradually increase the intensity: If you are using for the first time, start with a lighter vibration intensity and gradually get used to it before trying a stronger stimulation.
4. Cleaning and storage after use:
After use, proper cleaning and storage can prolong the life of the vibrating egg and ensure the hygiene of the next use:
Unplugging or charging the battery: Always unplug or remove the battery from the charger before cleaning to avoid water entering the device.
Clean with Mild Detergent: Use mild soapy water or a special detergent to gently clean the surface and plugs of the vibrator.
Store in a dry and ventilated place: After cleaning, store the jumping eggs in a dry and ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight.

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Love eggs are truly one of the most versatile sex toys out there, combining the wonderful sensation of their vibrations with the subtlety of using them on the go.
As a sex toy, it adds new fun and creativity to the couple's life, and through the correct use method, comfortable experience, and communication and trust with your partner, you can also discover more joyful possibilities.

You can browse our full range of love eggs here.


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