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How to Use a Stroker or a Male Masturbator

Written by: Bestvibe Published on May 20,2024

How to Use a Stroker or a Male Masturbator

Male masturbators give a better-than-real feel with textures that stimulate and tease the nerve endings in the penis better than a hand ever could.

They also make a great first-time sex toy for men since they're easy to use, relatively inexpensive, and give out-of-this-world stimulation.

Now, it’s time to get down to business. Take a look through our step-by-step guide to using a male stroker or male masturbator below.

Choose the right style, shape and size

How you intend to use your toy can really affect which one you choose.

For example, if you want to bring something extra to foreplay or oral sex with your lover, you may prefer to choose a short, see-through pocket stroker or a stroker that doesn’t resemble another person’s body part.

Conversely, if you mostly want to use your masturbator for solo fun, you might prefer to use a realistic male stroker modelled on a real person’s body so you can explore some of your naughtiest fantasies.

Lube up

First things first, you’ll need lube.

Most male masturbators are full of thrilling textures that stimulate your penis more effectively than just using your hand, but to get the most from them, you’ll need the slippery stuff. Strokers can be much tighter than a real person’s anatomy, and will be most comfortable when used with lubricant.

Something like the Bestvibe Water-Based Lubricant is ideal. Liberally apply lube to both the inside of your stroker and to your hard-on. Once adequately lubed you can begin to penetrate the entry.

Enhance sex with a partner

Just like vibrators, male masturbators are fantastic toys to share with a partner, and they’re especially great for oral sex or foreplay. They can also be used for mutual masturbation, or at times when you want to be intimate together but don't feel up to full sex.

Slide a shorter pocket stroker down your length while your partner peforms oral sex to add enhanced texture to the event. Even better: opt for a see-through sleeve so you both get an intimate view of the action.

Alternatively, you can hand your lover your favourite male masturbator and ask them to see if they can please you in a whole new way with it.

Help boost your stamina

Stamina training or edging is a technique where you bring yourself close to climax then stop stimulation.
It’s a way of teaching your body to sustain a high level of arousal without actually climaxing, so that you can then last longer when enjoying intercourse or play with your partner.

Some strokers are specifically designed to help with stamina training. They usually have a consistent, highly pleasurable texture along their internal length and can typically fit the full length of your penis inside. Stamina training may also help if you struggle with premature ejaculation during sex by helping to get your penis used to consistent stimulation.

Keep it clean

All sex toys should be cleaned after you’ve finished using them, but male masturbators need special care, especially realistic male strokers as they’re usually made of realistic-feeling material.

After you’ve finished a play session, be sure to wash out your masturbator with warm water and very mild soap. You may also be able to turn a stroker inside out to get the detailed texture super clean.

After washing, shake off any excess water and spritz all over with anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner, then leave your toy to dry. Once it’s dry, you’ll need to apply a layer of renewer powder to restore the skin’s soft, supple texture.

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