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Fun Amplified: Best-Kept Secret in Bedroom!

Written by: Bestvibe Published on June 25,2023

Greetings! I'm Nancy, a seasoned erotic toy expert, proudly associated with Bestvibe.

Introducing the Double-Action Delight!

Today, I present to you a technique that has been proven to enhance the male orgasm twofold: the combined use of a pleasure stroker and a posterior simulator!

This splendid idea is the brainchild of several long-standing patrons of Bestvibe. To verify the authenticity and practicality of this technique, we approached two well-known internet personalities, Mr. H (a pseudonym) and Mrs. S (a pseudonym), to put our products (Masturbation Cup Y6126 & Prostate Massager Y6002)to the test. 

After an intimate trial, they both agreed on a unanimous verdict: "This practice is positively delightful, teeming with exhilarating thrills!"

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Mr. H's Journey: Ride of Pleasure

Mr. H, a bachelor who has experimented with various self-pleasure methods and anal play, reported, "Using these two devices in tandem was an hour-long roller coaster ride of pleasure! The amount of semen I ejaculated was more than double my usual!"

And his penis also felt a noticeable difference - swifter, enduring erections! The climax was markedly more intense than using just one device! "It's akin to the surge of the ocean waves, each one more powerful than the previous! From my body to my mind, there is not a moment's respite," enthused Mr. H during a video chat with us.

Dispelling the Myth: Pleasure Beyond Orientation

When questioned about any concerns men may have about their sexual orientation regarding such a combination, Mr. H dismissed it, saying, "No worries there, the prostate climax is purely a result of stimulating the nerves around the rectum. It is completely unrelated to sexual orientation or species. It's simply an extraordinary orgasm unique to men. Worth experiencing for every man!"

SAUL Glans 3 -Thrusting & 12 -Vibrating Cock Rings Prostate Massager



A Couple’s Tale: Venturing into Uncharted Territory

In the meantime, Mrs. S and her boyfriend also employed these two devices to spice up their intimate lives.

They chose their bedroom for this adventurous exploration. To set the mood, Mrs. S performed a tantalizing striptease. Her boyfriend responded eagerly using the pleasure stroker. After a few bouts of vibration and suction, Mrs. S sensuously applied lubricant on the posterior stimulator and gently moved towards her boyfriend's posterior.

The boyfriend's breathing hitched. Concerned, Mrs. S asked if she should proceed. After taking a few deep breaths, the boyfriend gave his consent and the device was successfully inserted. As the stimulator kicked in, he began to roar with pleasure. In Mrs. S's words, "We went for the up and down movement, which was the most pleasurable for him. His initial shock gave way to a wide grin."

Before he could make an impact on Mrs. S, the double stimulation had him ejaculating. While caressing her breasts, he panted and said, "Darling, the sensation from my anus to my brain is an experience you can't deliver. But I do wish I could've made it to the finish line with you." Mrs. S was just as pleased to experience this newfound 'ménage à quatre' which amped up their pleasure quotient.

Handy Hints: Making the Most of Your Toys

From these accounts, it's clear that whether for single men or couples, it's definitely worth giving it a shot. We've also received some useful tips from our testers to further enhance this experience:

1. For singletons finding it challenging to handle, the bathroom can be a good choice. Simply affix the stroker to the wall to operate hands-free.
2. Couples can choose a spot with a mirror to amplify visual stimulation.
3. Generously apply lubricant. For anal play, consider a specialized anal lubricant.

Finally, I wish you all loads of fun exploring these combined practices!

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