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Female Ejaculation: How to Learn Squirting!

Written by: Bestvibe Published on May 16,2024

 Oh yes, absolutely. Women can ejaculate too. In most cases, a woman may not shoot as far as a man, but having an explosive orgasm is definitely a thing. When her G-spot is stimulated correctly and she fully surrenders herself, a woman can squirt.

Squirting: How It Works!
A good preparation is half the battle. To squirt, it's important to eliminate all mental barriers. If you don't relax enough, it probably won't happen. So make sure you have everything well prepared beforehand. A towel to catch the moisture, lubricant, a clean environment, and trimmed nails are points to keep in mind. Consider putting on some relaxed music to get yourself or both of you in the right mood.
2.Empty Your Bladder
Make sure you've gone to the bathroom before starting. A squirting orgasm gives the same sensation as when you need to pee. Why is this exactly? Well, the same muscles are used when squirting! This makes it harder to relax properly. When you're sure your bladder is empty, it becomes a bit easier to let go of this feeling.
                      "A squirting orgasm gives the same sensation as when you need to pee."
To be able to squirt, you need to be in the right mood. It's important to be as aroused as possible. Try to wait a little longer before touching the vagina, but focus first on the other erogenous zones. Think, for example, of your neck, breasts, nipples, lower abdomen, and thighs. Is your partner helping you with squirting? Take your time for foreplay and definitely don't rush. Don't do anything with your fingers first and avoid the clitoris for a little while longer. For example, start by kissing the area around the vagina and slowly continue! Build up the tension so that you become more and more excited.

When you're sufficiently aroused, you could also orgasm 'normally' first. A woman can have multiple orgasms in a row. A 'normal' orgasm provides enough power, moisture, and relaxation down there. These factors can make it even easier for you to squirt afterwards!
5.G-spot Stimulation
To even come close to ejaculation, the G-spot must be stimulated. You can use both your fingers and a sex toy for this. 

Using Your Fingers:
Use your middle and index fingers and slowly insert them with your palm facing upward. The G-spot is located about 5 cm inside the vagina. At the top, near the clitoris, you should feel a small bulge. Found it? Use both fingers and make a beckoning 'come here' motion, gently massaging the spot.
                                    "The G-spot is located about 5 cm inside the vagina."
When you're nearing climax, place your middle finger behind your index finger to apply a bit more pressure. The orgasm is getting closer now. This sensation can feel a lot like needing to pee. But as long as your bladder is empty, you won't actually wet the bed. So keep going, the sensation will dissipate quickly; the further you go, the more pleasurable it becomes. When you or your partner can let go of this feeling, female ejaculation is initiated! Just before your orgasm, push your pelvic floor muscles outward instead of squeezing them to increase the chances of squirting.

This is how toys work:
A sex toy can easily reach your G-spot. Nearly all G-spot vibrators have a curved head. This curve allows the toy to reach and massage the G-spot well inside the vagina. Focus on the sensations just like with your fingers, push through the feeling of needing to pee, and just before your orgasm, push your pelvic floor muscles outward.

Steps to Learn Squirting in Brief:
1.Find your G-spot.
2.Stimulate your G-spot with your fingers, your partner's penis, or a special sex toy.
3.Continue until you feel an intense sensation deep inside your vagina.
4.Push your pelvic floor muscles outward as you climax.
5.Squirt, squirt, squirt!

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