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Choosing the Right Realistic Butts for you

Written by: Bestvibe Published on July 24,2023

  • In recent times, men have enthusiastically embraced adult toys, exploring new realms of pleasure and self-discovery. From the classic "fleshlight" to lifelike male masturbators, the market offers a plethora of options to elevate solo pleasure to new heights. Today, we'll delve into the world of male masturbators, focusing on one particularly thrilling option – the male masturbatory sleeve, commonly known as the male pocket pussy or Realistic Butts.
  • What are Realistic Butts?

    Realistic Butts are crafted from ultra-soft silicone, providing a lifelike feel akin to real human skin. These toys are meticulously designed to replicate enticing areas such as breasts, butts, and, of course, the most cherished female treasure. The inner channels feature stimulating designs inspired by the world of anime, offering intense pleasure.

    Types and Uses of Realistic Butts:

    To cater to different preferences, adult toy manufacturers have developed various male masturbators, including buttocks, breasts, and half-body models. These adult toys often come with dual or triple channels, allowing men to explore multiple sensitive areas for a more realistic experience. Sometimes, due to material limitations, the toy's construction may not precisely mimic human anatomy, resulting in intriguing features such as an intimate region beneath the breasts.

    The internal design of Realistic Butts caters to different desires. Some toys offer stimulating two-dimensional designs, including vaginal and anal pathways, with more bends, grooves, and protrusions, providing intense sensations that surpass what real intimacy can offer. In other words, male masturbators can be seen as an upgraded version of female intimacy.

    Alternatively, Realistic Butts can provide surprising sensations, satisfying diverse desires. Male masturbators may offer three levels of stimulation, featuring intricate folds on the vaginal lips, a lifelike clitoris, and even a simulated G-spot. Some toys are also equipped with additional features, such as gripping, vibrating, and maintaining body temperature to enhance the overall experience.

    Weight Matters - Diverse Uses:

    When purchasing Realistic Butts, consider their weight. Generally, models weigh between 200g to 600g. Models under 200g are compact and easy to store, providing a more controlled experience akin to tightening and releasing sensations similar to the contractions of the female intimate region.

    On the other hand, models weighing over 600g offer a more substantial and hands-on experience, enabling users to simulate a woman on top during intimate play, allowing for more interactive pleasure.


    Realistic Butts open up a world of exploration and pleasure, bringing intense sensations and gratification to solo play. Prioritize comfort, safety, and delight when choosing and using your Realistic Butts. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and pleasure, as these adult toys hold the potential to unlock new realms of satisfaction in your intimate life.

    Below, we've compiled the top-selling and highly-rated Realistic Butts from Bestvibe, ensuring your sexual satisfaction remains paramount. Enjoy the adventure!      


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