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Beginner’s Guide to Rabbit Vibrators

Written by: Bestvibe Published on August 15,2023

Beginner’s Guide to Rabbit Vibrators


Dear readers, welcome to our adult products blog! Today, I'm bringing you a beginner's guide to bunny rabbit vibrators. If you're interested in this amazing toy but don't know much about it, you're in the right place. Let's explore this intoxicating world together!

What is a Rabbit Vibrator?

The Rabbit Vibrator - originally known as the Rampant Rabbit - is one of the most iconic sex toys in the world. Rabbit sex toys differ from classic vibrators because of their ability to double stimulate. All bunny vibrators come with a clitoral stimulator and shaft for intense mixed orgasms. While many vibrators are great for clitoral or internal stimulation, a bunny vibrator can serve both.
Most rabbits have a smooth, long clitoris that stimulates the G-spot, while the clitoris is flexible and often textured. These ticklers are often shaped like a bunny's head because the long ears are perfect for gently stimulating the clitoris on either side.
Check out our collection of guides written by industry experts to help you choose the best rabbit vibrator.

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Which rabbit sex toy is right for me?

Most bunny dildos feature vibrating ears and pleasurable shafts, but there are many kinds of bunny sex toys, each of which brings new sensations to the user.
If you're looking for your first bunny dildo, choosing a shorter, slimmer toy is probably the best option. This will help your body get used to the sensations of a bunny sex toy while still allowing you to try and play with many different speeds and settings. Or, you can opt for the mini bunny vibrator, which focuses on the clitoris only, before upgrading to a double stimulation bunny dildo. Of course, choosing the best bunny vibrator for you depends on the stimulation required, experience level and personal preference!
Experienced rabbit users may want to try a larger, more advanced toy. Pushing or spinning a bunny dildo can really take your solo game to the next level, providing unrivaled hands-free G-spot action.

How to use the rabbit vibrator?

1. Use the correct lubrication method
Using a lubricant reduces friction between the toy and your skin, improving your ability to physically push, slide, and tease the toy. So choosing the right type of lubricant for your game is very important. We always recommend that you use a water-based lubricant.
2. Open your ears
Gently place the rabbit ears on your clit to get your motor going. When you're ready to go, use the button on the handle to turn it on. Position your ears so they gently stimulate your external hot spots, then lie back and enjoy clit-buzzing bliss.
3. Slowly insert the shaft
Once you've ensured it's well lubricated, you can start inserting the rabbit's shaft. Once inside, turn on the vibration and let the bunny stimulate your inner erogenous zones. Press the buttons on the handle to increase the speed or change the vibration pattern. The outer ear will stimulate your clit while the inner shaft will help hit your G-spot. Once you insert the toy, the bunny ears touch your clit and when both the G-spot and clit are stimulated at the same time, these epic orgasms happen. 4. Cleaning and storage
After use, please clean your bunny ear vibrator in time. According to the product instructions, it can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap or adult toy cleaner. Make sure to store in a dry, clean place after drying completely to avoid bacterial growth.

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A quality rabbit vibrator will not only add an exciting new stimulus to foreplay or sex, but will also help you discover pleasure points you may not have realized were there. Why not choose a bunny vibrator that suits you and add it to your next game play?
We hope this beginner's guide will help you better understand bunny ear vibrators and bring you a pleasant experience. Don't be shy, bravely explore new areas and enjoy your journey of adult products! If you have any questions or need further advice, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you. Have fun!


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