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Beginner’s Guide to Penis Pumps

Written by: Bestvibe Published on October 23,2023

What is a penis pump?

As the name suggests, penis enlargement pumps are designed to help enlarge the look and feel of your penis. A penis pump will help you maintain bigger, stronger erections, giving you the penis you've always dreamed of.

With regular use, a penis pump can help you increase the length and girth of your penis. Browse our range of top-rated penis vacuum pumps and discover a new, confident you in the bedroom. Penis enlargement pumps come in many different sizes with many different features and gadgets to help you pump out a bigger penis. Choose from vibrating pumps, hydraulic pumps, the most affordable penis pumps, and more. Find the best penis pump for you with our beginner's guide to penis pumps.

Why buy a penis pump?

People use penis pumps for many reasons, such as foreplay fun and overcoming erectile dysfunction, as well as getting a bigger penis.

 A penis pump is a great way to make your penis bigger. When the sealing cylinder is placed on the shaft of the penis and suction increases, it promotes blood flow into the tissues, giving you a powerful erection. As blood flow to the shaft and head of your penis increases, the erectile tissue expands to accommodate the influx of blood, which means your penis will become larger.

 If you're a fan of oral sex and crave the sucking sensations your lover's mouth provides, a penis pump is a great way to enjoy it alone. By applying lube to the base of your penis, you create a tight seal and use the action of the pump to stimulate your penis and bring you to orgasm. 

Different Types of Penis Pumps

Ball Pumps 

Ball pumps are the most common type of penis pump and are the best option if you are on a budget or just trying out the sensation for the first time. Squeezing a hand pump connected to the penis pump cylinder increases suction within the tube, gradually increasing blood flow to the penis. You have full control over the frequency of the pump and the pressure applied to your penis.

Trigger pumps

Trigger pumps are also common pumps and differ from bulb pumps only in the shape of the hand pump. Triggering the pumps allows for more precise control over the intensity of the pumps and the pressure each pump exerts.

Water Penis Pump

Water pump, which uses a cylinder filled with water instead of air to provide a more comfortable experience. Penis pumps are beneficial because the water creates a more consistent, powerful, and even vacuum. This may result in more even growth. A water penis pump is an ideal investment when you are serious about pumping and are committed to completing your daily reps.

Automated Penis Pumps

Both automated pumps and vibrating pumps offer the perfect combination of work and play. The automatic pump lets you set a workout schedule with regular pumps and deflations, and the vibrating pump adds a stimulating atmosphere to your training so you can focus on enjoying the experience.

We also sell a range of vibrating penis pumps. They can increase your penis size, enhance sensation and give you a satisfying buzz.

You can browse our full range of penis pumps here.

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