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Beginner’s Guide to Masturbation Cups

Written by: Bestvibe Published on November 09,2023

 What is a masturbation cup?

The masturbation cup is a male masturbation device that can help men relax, gain satisfaction, and release stress. It looks small and looks like an ordinary cup. It is made of relatively soft synthetic resin or silicone. The inside is The structure is generally designed to imitate the female lower body, with moderate softness, which can solve the physiological needs of men.

What types of masturbation cups are there?

Masturbation cups are portable sex toys for men. With the development of society, there are more and more types of masturbation cups on the market. So what types of masturbation cups are there?

In terms of functions, there are manual masturbation cups, electric masturbation cups, training masturbation cups, oral sex masturbation cups, vaginal sex masturbation cups, anal sex masturbation cups, etc. In terms of design, it can also be divided into simulation cups, posture cups, exercise cups, special design cups, etc.

Regarding the material of masturbation cups, they are usually made of soft synthetic resin or silicone. Cheap masturbation cups generally use sponge. Masturbation cups can be divided into penetrating and non-penetrating shapes according to their shapes. The main difference is whether the tail end is closed or not.

Among them, the more recommended ones are TPE masturbation cups, which are closest to human skin, making the masturbation cups contain no sponge fillers and no odor; they have a thick and plump texture, providing a smooth skin touch experience; the inner wall design is made of real-life molds and is tight The channel brings you infinite pleasure of numbness and excitement; the environmentally friendly design is easy to clean and can be reused.

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How to use the masturbation cup more comfortably? 

The masturbation cup is a commonly used masturbation product for men. Its use is very simple. Just insert it directly into the genitals. However, if you want to get a more comfortable experience, you need to master some tips. The tips for using the airplane cup are:

1. Do a good job of lubrication

The masturbation cup is made of silicone and does not secrete body fluids like humans. It may cause pain if you enter it directly. You can apply some water-soluble lubricant before use for a better experience.

2. Heat the inside

Some electric masturbation cups have an automatic heating function, and some do not. You can run hot water through it before use or heat it with a special heating rod before use. This can make the masturbation cup feel more realistic and more enjoyable to use.

3. Air exhaust method

Put your penis into the middle of the masturbation cup, and then start to squeeze the bottom of the masturbation cup with your hand to squeeze out the air. At the same time, use your other hand to open the hole. When the air is successfully squeezed out, there will be a sound. When you release the squeezing hand, the masturbation cup will look flat, and the vacuum state is completed.

4. Pay attention to how to use it

The correct way to use the masturbation cup is: slowly put the cup on your penis, and then change the angle to stimulate the penis. If you don’t want to ejaculate so quickly, you can go slower. If you want to ejaculate faster, you can stimulate the penis head repeatedly. until it ejaculates.

What are the precautions when using a masturbation cup?

Masturbation cups are often referred to as airplane cups. They can help men solve their physiological needs. It is normal to use masturbation cups. Correct and reasonable use of masturbation cups can reduce stress and make you feel happy. However, there are also some problems when using masturbator toys. Things to note:

1. Before using the masturbation cup, it is recommended to wear a condom. After all, the silicone material will come into close contact with the penis and will rub it hard. Wearing a condom is safe and hygienic.

2. Clean and disinfect the masturbation cup before use. You can wipe it with alcohol after cleaning. You should also clean the masturbation cup after each use to keep the masturbation cup clean and hygienic. Pay attention to cleaning according to the cleaning method in the instruction manual.

3. Please pay attention to moderation when using the masturbation cup. Poor self-control, unrestrained use, and excessive use will lead to kidney deficiency and other conditions for a long time. It is recommended that the frequency be controlled once or twice a week.

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