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A Comparison in Sex Dolls

Written by: Bestvibe Published on March 19,2024

In this blog post, we explore various adult toys, including brands catering to specific desires like sex doll torsos, big boobs sex dolls, and BBW sex dolls. Our goal is to offer valuable insights to assist you in choosing the ideal adult toy for your preferences.

Comparison Subjects:

We've selected a few attention-worthy products from the adult toy market, including:

Lovehoney: THRUST Pro Elite Roxy Lifesize Realistic Sex Doll 45kg

Lucidtoys: Piper Doll Beth 160cm - Realistic Sex Doll - White

Bestvibe: Jasmine—Realistic Adult Doll with Orange Hair and Blue Eyes 5 ft 

Design and Appearance:

BBW sex doll    BBW sex doll     BBW sex doll 

Price: £1,749.99 
Bust: D cup       
Height: 158cm          
Weight: 45kg        
Material: TPE      
Price: £1,499.95   
Bust: 87cm  
Height: 160cm
Weight: 46kg     
Material: TPE    
Price: £1088.99
Bust: D cup
Height: 160cm

Weight: 45kg

Material: Silicone Head & TEP Body

These three dolls all feature built-in torsos, allowing them to be posed in any desired insertion position by customers. However, in terms of appearance, Bestvibe's BBW sex doll resembles a real person the most, boasting exceptionally high realism, and it's also the most affordable. Meanwhile, Bestvibe's website offers additional discounts, ensuring a worthwhile purchase. Lucidtoys' big boobs sex doll is incredibly tempting to touch, with a chest that is simply stunning and highly captivating.  

Material and Quality:

Bestvibe’s BBW sex dolls are made from high-quality silicone in the head and the body is made from TPE material, ensuring comfort and durability.
Both Lovehoney and Lucidtoys are made of TPE material, which makes them integrated molded, soft, and elastic, and feel like a real person.

The material of these sex doll torsos is TPE, the only difference is that Bestvibe's BBW sex doll's head is made of silicone material, which is more expensive and safer.

                            BBW sex doll


Her soft skin feels utterly authentic, and her petite yet fully posable frame allows you to play in almost any position. She even has screws in the base of her feet to support standing sex positions. (Experienced from Lovehoney
The eyes of the doll can be adjusted as needed and she has a mouth, vagina, and anus three passages that can be used. (Experienced from Lucidtoys
Jasmine is an odyssey of sensation – from the visual allure of her fiery tresses to the acoustic intimacy of her whispered desires. Each encounter with this mischievous sprite is a step into a world where fantasy weaves into reality, ensuring that every moment is laden with the potential for ecstasy.  (Experienced from Bestvibe

Selection Advice:

When selecting adult toys, consider your individual preferences and desires. Whether you're interested in sex doll torsos, big boobs sex dolls, or BBW sex dolls, prioritize factors such as design, material, functionality, and reputation to ensure a satisfying experience.


The adult toy market offers a wealth of options to suit every preference, from traditional designs to specialized products like sex doll torsos, big boobs sex dolls, and BBW sex dolls. We hope this guide has provided valuable insights to help you select the perfect adult toy for your intimate moments, enhancing pleasure and satisfaction.

Are you ready to be captivated by Jasmine, the ultimate teasing temptress with a voice that beckons you to release your inhibitions and embrace the dance of passion?   

Jasmine—Realistic Adult Doll with Orange Hair and Blue Eyes 5 ft




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