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8 Tips for Using a male masturbation cup

Written by: Bestvibe Published on January 31,2024

 Do you know how to enhance your male masturbation experience and ensure ultimate satisfaction? In this guide, we will present 8 expert tips that can enhance your experience and make exploration enjoyable for both novice and experienced users.


Choosing the Right Size:
Select an appropriately sized Male Masturbation Cups to avoid undue pressure, prioritizing the well-being of your intimate areas.

Lift the Male Masturbation Cups's top part, position it vertically against the penis, and place it at the base for prolonged pleasure. 

Preparing for Use:
Enhance your experience with a gentle massage on the area for relaxation before using the Male Masturbation Cups.

Heating and Lubrication:
Enhance your experience by gently warming the Male Masturbation Cups and using lubricants for reduced friction and increased comfort. 

Start with a moderate pace, gradually increasing penetration depth for varied stimulation.

Maintain personal hygiene, avoiding over-reliance on the Male Masturbation Cups. Balance it with a healthy lifestyle, minimizing excessive fatigue and self-pleasure. 

Prioritize safety to prevent genital damage. Seek medical attention for any discomfort during use. 

Post-Use Cleaning:
Clean the Male Masturbation Cups promptly after use, preventing bacterial growth and potential infections. 

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