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3 Types of Product Recommendation - Guide to Male Vibrators

Written by: Bestvibe Published on December 21,2023

 What is a male vibrator?

Male vibrators come in many different forms and are designed to stimulate male erogenous zones through vibrating or pulsating motion. Whether you like the intense tingling sensation at the tip of your penis or want to make your cock shiver with a vibrating male stroker, there's a manly vibe here for everyone.

Why choose a male vibrator?

It's common for women's sex toys to have a vibrating element, but now men can enjoy the added sensation of vibration.

By adding an extra buzz to popular male sex toys such as strokers, it allows users to experience extra pleasure, including longer, stronger orgasms.

Male vibrators come in a variety of designs. Non-anatomical strokers have universal appeal due to their non-scary designs, while realistic male masturbators feature lifelike vagina, mouth or butt openings.

Best vibrator for men

1.Oral sex cup

The Monica 4.0 Oral Masturbator has been carefully crafted from safe materials with a 3D grain texture, paying attention to detail and keeping your maximum comfort in mind, allowing you to immerse yourself in a realm of superior quality.

The grainy texture inner sleeve allows you to experience strong stimulation and enjoy a stimulating visual experience. Removable inner sleeve and USB pinhole charging for versatility and easy maintenance. From gentle buzzing to powerful pulsing, there's a rhythm to suit you.

2. Vibrating masturbation cup 

10 vibration frequencies, 5 thrust modes, 100% full coverage, and airflow in the channel to suck your penis, helping you easily enjoy the pleasure of deep throating.

One-click burst mode brings you the most powerful power, and you can immediately enjoy your favorite frequency and speed under the intelligent memory function.

3. Realistic vibrating butt

The 3D textured inner cavity simulates a real female vagina and its natural contours, with two independent channels for the vagina and anus, and two pleasures with one toy. Juicy double caramel color, soft TPE material gives a realistic touch, she's ready for your caress.

The dense particles stimulate multiple areas of the penis during insertion and removal. Choose between vaginal and anal passages and explore more sexual positions.

How to get the most out of your male vibrator?

Male masturbators need to be used with a sexual lubricant, such as Bestvibe water-based lubricant, which is specially formulated to be thicker and longer-lasting than regular lubricants.

Make sure to apply plenty of lube to the inside of the stroker or masturbator and to the erection. This will increase your pleasure and avoid any unnecessary friction.

Want to know more? Here you can browse our full range of male sex toys to help you explore our wonderful world. 

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