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Bestvibe Sally Big Boobs Butts Realistic Masturbator

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  • Ultra-big boobs combine fat butts with super-realistic details offer you the real touch sensation
  • Doggy style allows deeper penetration and more pleasure by rubbing the boobs and spanking the butts
  • With anus, vagina, and big breasts for triple irresistible sex stimulations
  • Ultra-tight channels with swollen labia and textured inner canal to enhance stimulation by massaging your penis
  • Medical level TPE material is harmless for the body


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    Bestvibe Sally Big Boobs Butts Realistic Masturbator

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    100% fully waterproof

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    2.94 lbs

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    Includes realistic masturbator×1

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  • D***d

    The silicon is great quality. it is honestly so cute and perfect! It reminds me of an anime character im going to have tons of fun with this!

    Helpful , ON 25 June 2021

  • E***o

    great quality, great shape!

    Helpful , ON 04 May 2021

  • A***e

    I'm happy with this. came in a sealed bag so i know it wasn't tampered with. the weight is really nice just sitting on my lap really nice jiggle. feels amazing! cleaning can be tricky as once its soaped up it become difficult to hold onto due to its weight. use antibacterial soap and some moisture absorbing wipes! didn't come with the moisture wick like it said.. that's not the biggest deal tho. just make sure to stuff some paper towels or something in there to dry it out really well or else u might have some yeast or other gross bacteria start growing.

    Helpful , ON 16 July 2021

  • B***e

    This is amazing, after trying it out my legs gave out for a second. It is very soft and jiggly and I mean VERY, also important to note that below average sizes may not be able to make full use of the product, another thing to keep in mind when buying is the size it is quite large so make you have accommodating space to keep it.

    Helpful , ON 16 July 2021

  • T***a

    Great product, soft and fun to use. The clean up is easy (just take it in the shower). It definitely has weight to it, which adds to the experience. The waist is too thin for our preference. It provides variety and is a lot of fun. Very well made, durable.

    Helpful , ON 07 July 2021

  • D***n

    I pound this thing like it owes me money! It's ok for the price. Not like the real thing, but who would think it was?

    Helpful , ON 15 July 2021

  • J***l

    After a bit of a dry spell, I hesitantly bought this thing. To my surprise, it's quite realistic. Like, weirdly realistic in the way that it feels like skin. They put effort into the finer details of it. It's heavier than expected which helps keep it in place. No regrets. So far, I'd buy one again if needed.

    Helpful , ON 12 July 2021

  • K***n

    Dont store in a black pillow case the dye gets on it and looks like mold its really not discrete kind of hard to clean out but i really like it

    Helpful , ON 08 July 2021

  • T***a

    Great product, nice having one that has something to hold onto. Having the hips as part of it makes it a lot easier to use and maneuver. Everything feels great and materials seem like top of the line out of all the ones I’ve tried. Definitely worth the money.

    Helpful , ON 09 July 2021

  • E***t

    It is everything they say it is it looks great feels great the suction is unbelievable it’s nice soft you can smack it seems to be pretty durable it’s not that hard to clean all in all I would recommend it it’s a great toy

    Helpful , ON 06 July 2021


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Bestvibe Sally Big Boobs Butts Realistic Masturbator

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